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Video: Havoc Interview w/ Streetsweepers Radio

Hav sits down with Kay Slay.

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11 Responses to “Video: Havoc Interview w/ Streetsweepers Radio”


    lol @ Kay Slay still dressing like he’s 17

  2. Joe 88 Says:

    landLORD Says:
    September 20th, 2009 at 1:54 pm
    word Joe… Rae been having the same pyrex visions since 93, yo … even his trademark killer flow hasnt changed a bit … and im a confessed Rae stanley …

    ^Okay, I can respect that, majority of the album is coke stories, can’t deny that, but I haven’t heard a album from him since the lex diamond story, so i’m not mad at him for it, but he did almost overkill the album with pyrex gems, lol.

  3. landLORD Says:

    landLORD Says:

    September 20th, 2009 at 2:00 pm
    Premier Says:

    September 20th, 2009 at 1:46 pm
    Need some good Elzhi songs any suggestions?


    any of the first 8 songs on “The Preface” … also “Hands Up”… but specifically:


    “Brag Swag”

    “The Leak”

    “Motown 25″

    “Guessing Game”


    “Growing Up”

    “Save Ya”

    sheeit.. .even the “Intro” to The Preface


    Yo Nore, that was the first thing that came to my mind when shane started talking, i’m like this nigga is pulling a kanye at a title bout, lol.

    Bernard Hopkins needs to wear a mouth piece at all times. That nigga grill is fucked son.
    lol, Floyd was pissed off

  5. landLORD Says:

    *2nd Quarter*

    Lions 10 – Vikings 0

    *blank stare*

    *feels sudden nausea*

  6. reem Says:

    vikings lions games are always waaaaay closer than they should be….

  7. Hood Trill Stunting aka Trap Day Man Says:

    I’d walk past Cohen’s office, peeking in, seeing him alone, rocking back and forth on a chair while chewing on a well worn and already chewed up towel, eyes sullen like a lost Frankenstein, rocking patiently in anticipation of letting loose on his next victim. Dude really chewed towels on the regular, he was that intense, that rabid. A true flesh and blood Golem putting mad work in the Hip Hop music industry.


    CJs’ true industry stories>>>>>

    Lyor the towel chewing israeli? *dead*

  8. landLORD Says:

    OK… Farve, Harvin and AP starting to roll now…

    cosign … Detroit AlWAYS gives the Vikings trouble … Detroit even played Favre tough, when he was with Green Bay … still early tho …

  9. landLORD Says:

    good… Detroit’s defensive star (#40 Manuel) so far, is out with a knee injury … and Minnesota is bout to score …

    *nausea subsides*

  10. A tribe called quest aka Yo Lurker, Im really happy for you & imma let you finish, but my comment is one of the greatest comments of all time Says:

    *blank stare* @ Reggie Bush

  11. landLORD Says:

    touchdown – Favre to Shiancoe…

    10 -7

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