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Video: Pill & Freddie Gibbs Live in L.A.

Pill and Freddie Gibbs perform at On The Rox on Sunset Blvd. last night. Pill’s 4075: The Refill is on the horizon…

Previously: Freddie Gibbs ft. Pill – Womb to the Tomb

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13 Responses to “Video: Pill & Freddie Gibbs Live in L.A.”

  1. Chief Ali aKa Stop the Bitchassness Says:

    Cudi’s album is mood music…this nigga doesn’t even operate under the pretense of being a premiere lyricist…

  2. Big_seth Says:

    Some of his ashes were later mixed with marijuana and smoked by members of Outlawz.

    wikipedia cracks me up. LMAO

  3. landLORD Says:

    Cudi is wack… Therefore his music is wack… I’ve tried but the shit is mad amateurish… How ima go from listening to The Preface and Ironman all day and put up with this sissy nigga wailing and moaning through half-baked melodies?… Can’t do it… I gave 808s the benefit of the doubt cause of his resume… But this CuDi nigga is too random to debut with a sapfest like this… I’m glad for him that his pop fans like it, but i like genuine hiphop music, where MCs try to rap better than the next MC.. Not just be different for the sake of being different

    Oh definitely… Already Home is my favorite song on BP3… CuDi would be better served to be like Rell or Nate Dogg… Stick to catchy hooks and 8 bar jingles… But a whole LP? … Nah

  4. Duro Says:

    smh @ ppl over analyzing Cudi’s album.

  5. Chief Ali aKa Stop the Bitchassness Says:

    Man on the Moon >>>>>808’s and Heartbreaks

    by leaps and bounds at that

  6. k1ng Says:

    kudi sucks period.

  7. Duro Says:

    not saying that you guys shouldn’t but c’mon son! let it go he’s already gone. got his fan base and money gOOd label shit that niggas from the moon

  8. Chief Ali aKa Stop the Bitchassness Says:

    Man on the Moon>>>>that embarassment known as 8 Diagrams

  9. rex hussla Says:

    I think Cudi is lyrically inclined…but I was zoning out last night listening to that album and just thinking, damn how they fuck does he come up with these songs? That takes a lot of balls [ll] and talent…any emcee would just 16 bar-hook-16 bar-hook, let the beat be the co-star and call it a night.

  10. landLORD Says:

    Wutang earned the right to swing & miss.. Where’s CuDi’s enter the 36?… That nigga don’t even have an Iron Flag

  11. Duro Says:

    there’s a difference between talent and creativity. kudi is creative not to sure about his talent

  12. rex hussla Says:

    The first few tracks on 8 Diagrams are crazy…but I’m a Stan.

  13. Big_seth Says:

    CuDi’s album is great.

    I know he aint all that lyrical, but I respect it when dude try to make a whole song into a concept or metaphor & still sound appealing.

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