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Jay-Z & J. Cole – “Empire State of Mind” & “Lights Please” Single Artwork


Download: Jay-Z ft. Alicia Keys – Empire State Of Mind


Download: J. Cole – Lights Please (Mastered)

Props Splash & Alex Haldi

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22 Responses to “Jay-Z & J. Cole – “Empire State of Mind” & “Lights Please” Single Artwork”

  1. Harlem World Says:

    # jredmond Says:
    September 16th, 2009 at 6:09 pm

    the fuck are you talking about? no obama stannism, but that fella has been attacking shit hard with the reforms. He don’t have to speak on every non issue and attack sent his way to preform his job properly

    Dont you dare criticize obama, yadda, yadda, yadda.Stop crying.Im saying he should man up to these protesting,screaming republicans, not criticize a nigga that voted for him and influenced others to vote for him also. He talks a good one about healthcare but if it fails i promise you he will not be in the house next election.

  2. Nah wrong Says:

    i guess geeks love album cover art… for there ipod?????r

  3. Hood Trill Stunting aka Trap Day Man Says:

    ight then!

  4. b-ease Says:

    but that fella has been attacking shit hard with the reforms

    if the public option for health care fails, he’s a fail, period. And those carbon taxes better not be the only measure he’s taking against global warming.

  5. "A" Star is Born -- Clap for Em' Says:

    dope dope DOPE!!!

  6. Gravity Says:

    uh, keep in mind the police comment was at a press conference, and the kanye remark was supposed to be off the record. Not saying he should have apologized to the cops, just saying the situations aren’t really comparable.

    Overstood, how about Van Jones? IMO, when he fears a backlash, he buckles but he gets tough and stern on the powerless….. with no apologies

  7. Nah wrong Says:

    Man up how by talking shit???

    Nah homie Politics is different he already got plans for those disrespectful republic fucks…

    Kanye deserves this shit… all those hissy fits… Nigga stay cryin and shit… i guess since i don’t like bitch niggas i don’t like bitch rappers…

    And I want to like dude but his character is that of a Diva aka bitch!!!

  8. blaze22 Says:

    Yo That Lights Please song is fucking dope. I’ve been bumpin that for months.

  9. Officer Duscrom Says:

    The motivation for me…Is them tellin me what I could not be…OH WELL…

  10. jredmond Says:

    dudes on her must think being the pres is easy

  11. Nah wrong Says:

    Ricky starting to look broker and broker with every cheap ass video he does…

    Gunplay solo album….

  12. Officer Duscrom Says:

    And I want to like dude but his character is that of a Diva aka bitch!!!


    Wow you’re cool

  13. b-ease Says:

    That Brett Ratner article is fucking classic.

  14. Gravity Says:

    *daps blaze22*

    beating a dead horse[ll] >>>> listening to SFG, in that vein TWU>>>>>SFG

  15. Nah wrong Says:

    Wow you’re cool

    i ain’t with that gay shit homie (lights up half a train wreck blunt)

  16. farsideoff Says:

    that J.Cole artwork is legit

  17. Supreme Says:

    smh.. they coulda made this j. cole official if they would’ve added some strings to certain parts of the beat and additional female vocals to certain parts of the hook.

  18. BestestAsbestos Says:

    J. Cole Artwork by Alex Haldi @ alexhaldi.com. Shameless plug,

  19. kedordu Says:


    1 DOA
    3 run this town
    4 real as it gets
    5 what we talking about (interlude) without the gay chorus
    6 dead presidents 3
    7 already home
    8 a star is born
    9 so ambitious
    10 empire state of mind
    11 thank you

    bonus cut : when the money goes , swagger like us remix

  20. BMorris Says:

    I agree^ It would have been much better off minus a couple Timbaland tracks….The Drake feature was lackluster, but hopefully Jay makes up for it by hopping on the Drake album.

  21. pointgodkg Says:

    @kedordu everybody tell u how to do it they neva did it- JAY-Z just enjoy tha best album of the year and be quiet

  22. astro starz Says:

    i have heard several j cole tracks and i kan honestly say he inspires me when i put the pen 2 the pad . . . good look bra

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