Video: Kanye Crashes Taylor Swift’s Acceptance Speech

Update: Blame it on the Henny.

Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

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436 Responses to “Video: Kanye Crashes Taylor Swift’s Acceptance Speech”

  1. wow Says:

    Jay Z better talk some sense into his boy.

    sleep Says:
    September 13th, 2009 at 11:56 pm

    Is mark shancez the first spanish QB?

    No. Tom Flores, 1960.

  2. landLORD Says:

    sleep Says:

    September 13th, 2009 at 11:56 pm
    Is mark shancez the first spanish QB?


    not even close… Joe Kapp of them ancient Viking teams was a Mexican as well …

  3. landLORD Says:

    No. Tom Flores, 1960.



  4. Southwest OG Says:

    at first i thought that shit was a joke

  5. Soapy Says:

    What we’re forgetting in all this… Kanye’s always bitching that the industry’s making a monkey out of him.

    If it’s real) You are an uncouth coon and a crybaby, as well as a monkey. You took away a special moment from a young lady
    If it’s fake) You are MTV’s monkey, dance nigger.

    Sometimes it’s better to stay independent, make 40K an album and keep your sanity.

  6. Sean Coonery Says:

    This was classless. Despicable that that Nigger Kanye did that to that beautiful white girl.

    I would lynch and hang that nigger from a tree.

  7. stotle Says:

    i would do unspeakable things to that amazon goddess LET ME IN

  8. niegropleiase. Says:

    old dirty bastard >>>>> kanye

    is amber rose for the children???

  9. wow Says: kanye apology

  10. wow Says:

    anybody seen that scary person sitting next to beyonce…….that dude on some acid or something

  11. pointgodkg Says:

    i think that mtv is lamest award show and if kanye didnt say it who would have…beyonce wins video of the year meaning its the best video of the year and loses female video and pop video…i dont kno but common sense would tell me that if i got the best video man or woman i would have to win all the categories under that…its like sayin mj is the best athlete and sayin he’s not the best basketball athlete…thank you kanye for at least lettin pplz know that these awards are shit. Same thing happened in the male side. t.i. being an hip hop artiste won male video of the year and wasnt even nominated in the hi[p hop segment lol. go figure

  12. Real Talk Says:

    Johnathan Osterman got it!..

    This whole kanye shit is Crazy. But even Crazier is the fact that Jack black praised the devil, with prayer….it lasted longer than Yeezy’s shit…I can’t fuck with that

    I feel nigguz and why they dissapointed at yeezy…and other people too…But nigguz need to be mad at MTV for condoning that devil shit Moreso than anything else…

  13. Word! Says:

    Fuck That Country Bitch.. Go Kanye!!!

  14. de la Says:

    no Wale for best new artist? Are they fuckin serious??

  15. aEKO Says:

    Wow, Ye straight brought back the memories of the EMAs, where did the exact same thing.

    Styling on em Ye!

  16. TheCoolest Says:

    Im I the only one who thinks this shit is funny as hell.He actually defended Beyonce’s honor is some weid way.It’s not like he had anything to gain from it.Unless you personally know that Taylor Swift you can’t get mad and say he’s a moron.

    (I’d do anything for Beyonce)

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  18. Chris Breeden Says:

    Join the Boycott Kanye West cause on Facebook at

  19. Mike Says:

    justice and simian deserved the award at the EMA’s. i liked the “we are your friends” video more than “touch the sky” and i have been a kanye stan since i heard his production on “rebuilding” by goodie mob. i still can’t believe kanye’s ass went on stage and told them “if i don’t win, the award show loses credibility” and “it’s nothin against you, i never seen your video”. i lost a ton of respect for him right there.

    i gained most of that respect back and then his childish ass gets on stage AGAIN tonight and does it. i don’t give a fuck if you think beyonce’s video is a thousand times better, kanye is on some ignorant and childish shit. whoever has his back on this has gotta be joking, even the biggest kanye stan. i could give a fuck if you hate taylor swift, let her have her moment.

  20. Chris Says:

    “Now this Hennessssyyyyyyyy/Is gonna be the death of me”

    Damn, the nigga said it himself a long time ago.

  21. Mole Man Says:

    # TheCoolest Says:
    September 14th, 2009 at 2:37 am

    Im I the only one who thinks this shit is funny as hell.He actually defended Beyonce’s honor is some weid way.It’s not like he had anything to gain from it.Unless you personally know that Taylor Swift you can’t get mad and say he’s a moron.

    (I’d do anything for Beyonce)


    Thats some retarded ass logic son. So because thousands of people dont know Taylor peeps cant think Ye is a fucking tool. smh.

  22. Jimmy Says:

    Typical black America trying to ruin anything at any cost. He looked like a Jack Ass. If this was 1949 we would see a different response.

  23. Honey Berry Backwoods and Henny Says:

    Maybe it was the weed, but didn’t anyone else feel like beyonce was on some larger than life type of shit at the awards? I mean yeah i guess women love “single ladies”.. but her performance was almost as long as the MJ’s in the beginning!!! (not that im complaining cause DAMN shes fine) but im looking at it like they were trying make B appear as some greater than human type figure. Then the kanye fuckery with taylor swift cause of B.. and then she comes and and brings taylor up on stage at the end, looking all godly and graceful and classy n shit. I mean im not one for conspiracy or nothing.. but i feel SOMETHING was going on right there. I gotta stop smokin….

  24. Quilldram Says:

    Ya’ll dudes act like ya’ll don’t know a movie when you see one. Taylor Swift is the biggest new white artist out there. THIS WAS Done TO SAY BEYONCE > SWIFT. The white folks at MTV still gotta try to place a white female artist above the best black female artist. Kanye pull that move to let the world know ‘black folk run this music industry, and whites are irrelevant’ – Then Beyonce gives the ‘surprised’ look – shoulda won an oscar.

  25. j-me Says:

    He just copyin off Ol’ Dirty Bastard who did the same thing. And kanye gettin all worked up over a music video, at least ODB did it over something worth winning

  26. Dj Ducats Says:

    What a douche bag… I wonder if Kanye would throw a hissy fit if someone did that to him?

  27. aurel Says:


  28. Greg Says:

    MTV is out of their mind!!! How can Beyonce lose to Taylor Swift for best female video but win for video of the year?? I just don’t get the logic. The person who wins video of the year should ALWAYS win in their own gender and genre nominations. The irony of MTV. And the icing on the cake, their final performer didn’t even attend the event and opted to show up in a car just to perform!!! Hilarious.

    Was Kanye out of place? Of course, but the world will forgive him. No one is boycotting shit. Eminem called Mariah Carey a cunt and said he skeeted on her stomach and he was welcomed with open arms. Truth is…no one gives a fuck what you say as long as you deliver the goods. Kanye told everyone (not just the MTV crowd) that George Bush doesn’t care about black people – he says what he wants, get over it. Ol Dirty did the same thing, but at THE GRAMMY’S – we laughed then, we laugh now. Get over it, ya’ll….

  29. mozzletoft Says:

    Yall musta forgot who really runs this rap shit! Le’chaim!

  30. Eric Says:

    NBC payed Kanye to get up on stage. the whole thing was a stunt to help get viewers for Jay Lenos new show this evening…(which sucked balls by the way, just like his Tonight Show did….same format, everything). Beyonce is not an actress which was clear by her fake reactions. Anyone who believed any of it for a second is a gullable fool.

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  32. Grammatically Correct Says:

    Okay, first off: Kanye West should’ve minded his own business and kept his mouth shut and grow some balls. It was a country voted upon best FEMALE video, not “Who does Kanye think should win best female music video?” Second, although she is a country singer, that doesn’t matter. She is a singer nonetheless and she hasn’t ever made a bad music video. Beyonce’s video that was nominated was nowhere near as good. Taylor’s MV’s have structure and a storyline that hits all the emotions they’re supposed to. Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” video didn’t have any entertainment value except for the SNL skit making fun of the MV. Beyonce had her time to shine and that ended with her first solo album.

    But another thing that is much more unfortunate is the way you people write and apparently talk based from your very limited vocabulary. Did you people even pass elementary English?! Really?! I wouldn’t be surprised if your mother’s cry at night at how stupid their children are turning out to be. Go back to school and learn something before you wanna trash on someone about anything.

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  34. UNKNOWN Says:

    Kanye is a faggot i couldnt expect any less from a self concided judgemental ass whole somebody needs to give him a reality cheack cause now a bunch a people hate his guts that stupid drunk basterd. And taylor swift was just standen there poor girl she couldnt even finnish her speach, KANYE YOUR AN ASS WHOLE, TAYLOR KEEP DOIN WAT U DOIN GIRL.!!!!!!

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  36. Marcos Mercury Says:

    Taylor Swift is a breath of fresh air. She’s a positive role model. I’ll take her as long as she chooses to champion the young women of today. I like the idea that I’ve yet to see any pics of her in some state of undress. Plus I think her Grammy performance proved she can barely sing.

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