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Video: 3 the Hard Way ft. Rakaa Irscience – Truth

Rakaa of Dilated Peoples joins 3 The Hard Way for this new video by Eric Heights.

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3 Responses to “Video: 3 the Hard Way ft. Rakaa Irscience – Truth”


    If Jay-Z was stock right now might be the time to invest.

    I’ve noticed a pattern in Jay’s career. A steady fluctuation.

    1] Reasonable Doubt [Classic]

    2] Vol. 1 [Thought to have some faults/Still debatable as classic]

    3] Vol. 2 [Viewed as Classic]

    4] Vol. 3 [Solid/Dope]

    5] The Blueprint [Classic]

    6] The Blueprint 2 [Thought to have faults]

    7] The Black Album [Classic/Classic time]

    8] Kingdom Come [Viewed as weak]

    9] American Gangster [Viewed as very Solid/Dope]

    1O] The Blueprint 3 [Mixed views/Not very strong but good enough/So-So]

    11] Jay’s next album allegedly in progress [Dope/Solid/Potentially Classic based on history??]

    Of course the past would have little to no bearing on the present but I’m just saying. [This post is so pointless]

    **Checks MoringStar.

  2. Main Says:

    Salute to my CO peoples!!!

  3. lex diamonds Says:

    old beat

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