Video: Havoc – A Letter To P (Behind the Scenes)

Hav on the set of the video for “A Letter To P” off his From Now On mixtape.

Previously: Havoc – H Is Back (Video)

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7 Responses to “Video: Havoc – A Letter To P (Behind the Scenes)”

  1. D-Money from H-Town aka My Repertoire is USSR Says:

    Diddy’s sneakers>>>>>>>

    *sings “So Ambitious” hook at random moments*

  2. jimmy valentime Says:

    I was first row and I was sitting a row ahead of john mayer wale cudi and consequence

    Wale is mad cool …

    Cudi & wale squashed the beef … They was together the whole night…

    I got a cousian in a wheel chair. She wanted to meet john mayer … We had to fuck up they whole little vibe to get a photo but I am happy I did it for her

    Dead @ them doing good life after death autotune

    The crowd didn’t give a fuck about puff …one dude started booing

    Amber rose is preety in real life

    Rihanna is all legs and has nice tighs

  3. Gseven Says:

    “Anson Jones” > any “Letter to ________”

  4. G7 Says:


  5. MK47 Says:

    P.S. Night night, keep your butthole tight! (c) Chappelle

  6. BestRapSongs.Net Says:

    Ayo man, yo, Free P yo !

  7. Stix Says:

    they should not have done a behind the scenes for this… you see that little handycam they shooting the vid on please…Hav just let anybody that hit him up shoot a video or what? I hope he aint pay for that…

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