Saigon – Free Tru Life


Saigon pays tribute to his man, who, along with his brother, is currently under lock and key for stabbing some cat to death. Allegedly of course.

Saigon – Free Tru Life

Props to Mr. X

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11 Responses to “Saigon – Free Tru Life”

  1. APES IN SPACE Says:

    good for these no good face stabbers

  2. crisis Says:

    shit beat, but sick rhymes
    saigon really is the best

  3. Raz Says:

    I ain’t heard this but…”Free Tru life”, after he took a life? smh

  4. Mike Says:

    ” I haven’t spoken to tru life in a while, that man is crazy. Like really crazy” jay z

    It went somthing like that hah

  5. BestRapSongs.Net Says:

    Dat nigga Saigon must go hard to get some doe.
    His Just Blaze joint is wack. But Aye Aye Ay joint is bangin.

  6. aurel Says:

    bestrapsong is a hater because nobody clicks on his wack ass website
    U MAD (homo)

  7. YaBoySibz Says:

    wtf!! again. chill with the lockin the song info..

  8. b Says:

    ffuck tru life
    r.i.p chris aka money boy atl

  9. The White Man Says:

    take a life. do life. unless its self defense.

  10. aEKO Says:

    I hope they keep Tru Life right where they have him right now.

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