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Video: What Does a Buckshot & KRS-One Album Mean to You?

See what some of your favorite artists had to say. Now we want to hear from you. Respond below this video with your text comment about what a KRS-ONE & BUCKSHOT album means to you. Email the response to contests@duckdown.com as well. The winning remark, selected by KRS-ONE & BUCKSHOT, will receive a signed gift package from the group including an autographed copy of their Survival Skills album in stores September 15th

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29 Responses to “Video: What Does a Buckshot & KRS-One Album Mean to You?”

  1. A tribe called quest aka No Draws unda Im Big Brotha Thunda Says:

    Absolutely nothing

  2. Black Favre Says:

    Attorney’s are the masters of deception … they act like they trying to resolve your shit quickly, but behind closed doors with the judge, they conspire to drag your case out as long as possible, so as to pile up more retainer fees and court costs …

    cant truss ‘em …

  3. D_Block_4_Life aka heat the track up Like Adobo/Sazon/SOFRITO Says:

    I’d fuck the dust off Kathy Lee Gifford, her and Stifflers mom.

  4. cOLD Says:

    Damm my nigga A.I fell the fuck off, 3.5 mil for one season that shit aint nothe in NBA money. See what happens when u coperate thug, people won’t stick their head out for u when ur skills decline.

    *applaud hov for seeing this*

    ^ word, the league is full of tattooed unmarketable ninjas.

  5. AmpGeez a.k.a Roll That S#!t, Light That S#!t, Smoke That S#!T Says:

    Absolutely nothing
    The foulness

  6. Aggressive Content Says:

    *Spends 3 million on self-promotion/marketing/commercialization for album*

    *moves 300K his first week*

    *has camelistic facial features*

    *if he was not worth 500 milli…would not be married to beyonce*

    *is 40 and ugly*

    the question i ask you nahrighters….who am i?


    Ok, but what does the math look like when you factor in the Live Nation situation?

    *peeps Survival Skills leak*

  7. JayRight Says:

    With Kanye I feel like he’s my little brother. We’re a family. (c) Jay Z

    At the end of the day he’s your big brother because he selling way more records singing than you are rappin. (c) Killa

  8. cOLD Says:

    only psalms I read was on the arms of my niggas


  9. sleep Says:

    Damm my niigga A.I only got 3.5 mil, see what happens when u coperate thug, these white folk turn on u when ur talent decline.

    *applaud hov for understanding this concept*

  10. AmpGeez a.k.a Roll That S#!t, Light That S#!t, Smoke That S#!T Says:

    *is 40 and ugly*
    So foul

  11. NovemberEnd aka What Do You Mean Teenager What Age Are We Talking About Says:

    Video: What Does a Buckshot & KRS-One Album Mean to You?
    *Jepordy Music*



  12. Dolemite Says:

    Survival skills >

  13. AmpGeez a.k.a Roll That S#!t, Light That S#!t, Smoke That S#!T Says:

    Survival skills >

  14. Mr. Iceberg Slim Says:

    sean coonery Says:

    September 10th, 2009 at 2:00 pm
    Lol @ Jay-Z dressing like a White actor from Hollywood now…

    I swear Camel switches up his style….

    Now he’s wearing Ray Ban Way farers…with the Paul Bunyan Plaid Shirt…..GTFOH

    Just a year ago…he was dressing like Kid Cudi x Wale x Lupe Fiasco…with the tight jeans, colorful clothing, rainbow kicks…looking like a 40 year old trying to dress like a 15 year old..


    Still they can’t’ focus on them They be talkin’ bout me
    Talkin’ bout what I wear Talkin’ bout where I be

  15. BARPAN Says:


  16. Gutta Says:

    Violetta was ghetto, but has an English accent. So it was kind of like Lennox Lewis in an odd way… Ghetto, but not. Yea, who am I kidding… She’s a hood roach. She sucks and fucks for cash and loved white boyspunk. Bottom line, she’s a fuckin’ pig.

  17. v.i Says:

    I heard SDSU has a Course where they study Tupac Shakur lyrics like its poetry from William Shakespeare…


  18. Dolemite Says:

    Jay elec songs plus his snippets are >the last 3 jayz albums

  19. TheCo!!inB Says:

    Jay Z is a lot of niggas idol. if you say there’s no aspect of his character you admire you’re a liar, no Joe Wilson

  20. swaggoBEY. Says:

    *iPod rejects KRS & Bshot friend request*
    sorry guys… all u guys do is whine about hip hop these days, but do nothing about it… well fail at your catalystic efforts.

    fail =\

  21. Super Tone Says:

    what a KRS-ONE & BUCKSHOT album means to me?

    A front row seat to watch a Pioneer and a Veteran do what they do best….

  22. TruGwap FaSure Says:

    KRS-Buckshot’s album means another chance to see a Teacher and Graduated Student flex they’re Survival Skills in this Warzone we call Hip-Hop….

  23. mcb Says:

    It means that hip hop is getting an injection of adreline. No foul talk, all lyrics and flow. KRS is a legend, ask Nas, ask Jay, ask Rakim. Buckshot, I only knew a little about, but from the previews, absolutely nasty.

    The album is gonna be sick, it won’t sell like Jay, but it means more to hip hop than BP3.

  24. mcb Says:


    nice, nice.

  25. D Assassin Says:

    To be trill with it this album would mean alot to me. In todays record climate and everything I really respect the move by the two mcs one for keeping first things first and bringing that real hiphop and two for the concept, I have always listened to the two but never heard them together, dope if u ask me.

  26. Stive Says:

    What Does Tha KRS & Buckshot album mean to me?
    But of course it means a great day for hip hop. it means to great MC’s coming together to provide the fans the real deal hip hop none of that watered down trash they play on the radio. it means another CD to call “Classic”. It Means 2 minds coming together and unleashing greatness to the world. It means i cant wait for September 15th already. It means Album of the year. It means alot to me and i know this will be the best 15 dollars spent all year and i bought some pretty good piff haha. Real talk I’m definitely gonna buy 2 copies of this album because one day this cd is gonna be called legendary. Duck Down Records keep dropping those classics i can never have enough duck down material, still lookin 4 that first Sean Price Tape Donkey Sean Jr. Cant wait 4 that kimbo price joint to drop too. Survival Skills will hold me over until then and big shouts to Marco Polo and Torae they did their thing on that double barrel LP. O Yea N If U Live In The S.I. NY you can cop your copy of survival skills early. You know where its at 1.

  27. stive Says:

    worst site ever wont even post my shyt even tho its prob the only post that hand anything to do with the album U’z Suck Post That

  28. stive Says:

    correction second post that had sumthin to do with this album meanwhile u got people tlkin bout allen iverson who cares bout a.i. this isnt nba.com n so wut if he raps he aint nice n he dont spit jewelz so y name ya self that

  29. Al Poelvoordino Says:


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