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Video: Papoose – Realest To Run It

Yo I swear, if y’all put my verse on y’all records, I want 700%. I’m coming in for 700%. Do not put my verse on your records.

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11 Responses to “Video: Papoose – Realest To Run It”

  1. A tribe called quest aka No Draws unda Im Big Brotha Thunda Says:

    Smh @ these Windows 98 computer graphics

  2. thuga Says:

    Smh @ these Windows 98 computer graphics

    no more 1.5 jive. what do you expect? 700%? Well, Hova doesn’t want Pap to shine. Pap could be Ny’s savior.

  3. APES IN SPACE Says:

    papoof papoose

  4. curious george Says:

    This a Jay-Z diss?

  5. Mixtape Torrents Says:

    PowerPlayed should be ashamed for this shit, why put your name on a garbage video. And Papoose should go back to making hood dvd videos atleast those people knew how to cut to different scenes.

  6. adn Says:


  7. Wes Says:

    lol who wants Pap on their record anyway?

  8. steezoValenti Says:

    Some dudes got it. Some dudes don’t. Papoose don’t.

  9. Binh Says:

    This was produced by the Benzino of video editors.

  10. OffTrackBenny Says:


  11. King Smij Says:

    LMAO at the video comments. I shot this. Its wasn’t supposed to be viewed as a “MUSIC VIDEO”. We was at a Grafh video shoot & Pap just asked me to shoot this verse for him when we were bullshitting on set. Took all of three minutes. Google “Smij” to see dozens of my real videos. Check this older one out here. http://vimeo.com/2091259

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