Video: Ghostface – Stapleton Sex (Teaser)


Ghost sent this trailer over to Miss Info along with this message:

Ms. Portman (you sexy lady)…maybe this video is more up your alley. And I say your alley with the utmost respect. Have you ever seen the stairwells at Stapleton? I’ll take you.

Previously: Ghostface – Stapleton Sex (prod. Sean C & LV)

BONUS: Ghostface Killah – Cruisin (The Wizard of Poetry Intro) [via RR]

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259 Responses to “Video: Ghostface – Stapleton Sex (Teaser)”

  1. Gravity Says:

    @ Joe88,

    I think what Eskay was asking is; you write a song to a Wale beat, not diss him per se… Now on the strength of what you said earlier about doing it for the love as an artist and therefore you don’t care for the exposure[ll] you good. However, if you want the limelight, then this is a good way to showcase your talent or making good music.. Like pretend it was a beat slipped to you by Premier or whichever producer you idolize[ll] and spaz the fuck out… You ain’t gotta say nothing about Wale.

  2. How To Use NahRight: For Dummies Says:

    So he was gonna some how make you look like a fool when you turned in your track and have a wave of niggas sayin you weak and sayin Wale is the shit now he got Wale lovin the site.

    ^^Nonsense..eskay can’t “make” Joey weak on NR, this is a comment driven blog.

    Joe is 2nd nicest on NR, why would we tell a wack rapper to do some shit for us? He thiinking about what eskay and others think(his 3 boys without computers) cause he hasn’t yet really realized that people are watching, we fucks with his work over here, my only knock on Joe is his work ethic, I mean nigga gotta step his studio time or release dates(nah) up.

    I know a few rappers that would have done a track or maybe two already just off of GP. Maybe they wouldn’t let everyone hear if they werent up to par, but they’d be done.

  3. Joe 88 Says:

    >>….yea i cant even fron that nigga was gonna set you up

    >>cOLD Says:
    September 7th, 2009 at 8:23 pm
    roffle at niggas telling joe to jump, not knowing joe can see half you niggas coming…

    ^Pretty much. Imagine how I felt when I booked studio time to go in over Wale beats, and explaining to the engineer what it was for, and he said “who is wale?” I felt like a lame. And I’m not going super hard on my own music right now cause things are fucked up right now, but making more effort to diss a nigga I never met? Fuck no

    I’m not a fucking lame. Eskay never broke a artist, so what the fuck I look like going all out for him? No shots, cause I love his blog, but that’s totally disrespectful for him to even approach me like i’m a fucking idiot

  4. SayyyWorddd Says:

    *starts offering broads one romantic lovely night in Stapleton Pj’s*

    Tony for mayyyyor!

  5. Gravity Says:

    @ Joe88 , you Broadway Joe on the mixtape?

  6. D. Billz Says:

    I kinda see Joe’s point though. If eskay sincerely fucks with Joe’s music then he should post it on his own merit. There shouldn’t have to be an incentive to do it. People are using the “opportunity” argument, but it’s not like Joe doesn’t have more material up his sleeve. Joe88 has been pitchin’ his music to eskay for the longest and he got no burn. IMO, I see that as a good thing because eventually Joe will put up a joint that eskay likes and it gets posted. Many times when people do things out of desperation they usually end up with THOSE type of results, and that’s speaking from a personal current business decision of my own. You get out what you put in. If he really wants a Nahright post that’s respectable then he needs to keep sending his music until the right one. It can only make him better.

    Meanwhile many of us just want to be entertained and after the so-called hype dies down then it’s back to square one. Why I look to see him go over a Wale beat? Well, I can’t say yeah or no because I don’t listen to Wale. But if it was any other artist I liked of course my answer would be yeah because I’m not a hypocrite. But speaking from a business standpoint, no. Free speech as a commentor shouldn’t be conditional just because you have the same profession.

  7. D. Billz Says:

    And furthermore FUCK Wale. I’m IN DC and I don’t see/hear no niggas blastin’ his music.

    Niggas in the street know that he shafted Chuck Brown/Kenny Burns and ran to Mark Ronson.

  8. D. Billz Says:

    *Would I like to see him go in over a Wale beat?


  9. crisis Says:

    i fux with this song in a major way

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