Drake – Fear (Full)


Here’s the full version of the new song that you can find on the So Far Gone EP that will be available September 15th.

Drake – Fear | zShare

“I stay away from niggas that could land me in some trouble/and I’ma keep it honest, I’m so tired of being subtle/it’s just me, 40, O and Neeks standing in a huddle”

Bonus: Drake – Fear (Instrumental, produced by DJ Khalil)

Do not rap over this beat, because nobody cares. It’s simply for the listeners. I played it maybe 100 times yesterday.

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262 Responses to “Drake – Fear (Full)”

  1. spirit equality Says:

    dont get it, the song really didnt have a direction till the end, also this doesnt sound like a dj khali beat? Wheres the annoying shouting,

    ^^^ it’s DJ KHALIL not DJ Khaled…totally different people…like as different as Common and Soulja Boy…LOL. use google to find DJ Khalil’s production credits…he’s a MONSTER on the beats….cop Self Scientific albums while you’re at it

  2. fuzz e. Says:

    tired of people saying drake is pop oriented just cuz he can afford to buy a hot beat now…you dont like hot beats listen to his first mixtape with oldschool basement ass beats and you’ll hear him rip them open too. But everyone wants to say he’s pop cuz he isn’t talking about killing people and he uses tough beats…you are the same people who say nas is better that jay-z. He is comparable… Lyrically he even has the ability to get the upper-hand over jay….but jay is a better song crafter…..which brings me to my point…drake is a better song crafter than j.cole… so drake is the better artist. J.cole is the better lyricist. If you actually listen to hip-hop you know its true. for those of you who still don’t understand… here’s an analogy: Dwayne wade probably has better handles than kobe bryant, but he is not the better all-around ball player.

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  4. Gerantology of the Tx Says:

    # mo Says:
    September 5th, 2009 at 10:11 pm

    fuckin idiot drake didnt cry when pac dies prolly does when jay will stupid pac was sum1 fighting 4 us black ppl status jay wat does he ? join the secret society just for his fame and fortune remember what dmx said as much as he is on drug but remember that phrase jay has no heart well i understand drake is prolly part of the secret society or anti-christ also he is half jewish also signed with wayne whos also deep in those shit welli know u idiot dont care but that line right there i didnt like just my opinion im a humain
    Pac died didn’t cry
    Didn’t know him that well
    Between him doing heroin
    And me doing crack sells
    “Put that in a eggshell”–Hova
    Did you cry for Pac duke? Cuz his death was sad, music was dope, but shit I aint know that man…
    Man dis my 1st comment on here I been watchin yall for a while sum of u catz is born haters Drake J Cole and Cudi will all have longevity in this game…Cole jus gotta get that “IT” factor like the other two

  5. Gerantology of the Tx Says:

    for the record haters who say Drake aint hip hop Reference these tracks in this order >>>>>
    1. Thrill is Gone- r4I
    2. Kick Push Rmx- r4I
    3. Think Good Thoughts- CS
    4. The Last Hope- CS
    5. Lust 4 Life -SFG
    6. The Calm -SFG
    7.Say Whats Real- SFG
    8. Successful -SFG
    9. Fear-SFG

  6. Drake-Hater Says:

    Here’s a little parody on the chorus for you guys, gotta read it with the chorus playin, it’s hilarious. “Don’t believe the hype, I’m just a fuckin’ kike, How could you be scared of me, I was on Degras-si, I’m a big ole jew, These words are all so true, so please don’t make fun of me, I just like my mon-ey.” HAHA faggot bitch, knowing nothing about a struggle, tryin to get rich like the rest of you white jews, of course Pac didn’t mean shit to you, he didn’t have nothing in common with your punk ass, writing all that bubble gum teeny bopper shit like “Best I Ever Had”.

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  9. Ayaz Ullah Says:

    Sick tune and spat it great. Drake’s doin’ it big, jeez….

  10. Ayaz Ullah Says:

    Sorry for the double post, absolutley love this song really deep and true points. “It’s funny how money can change everything”.

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