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DJ Webstar & Jim Jones – She Can Get It


Did you get the memo about the TPS reports autotune?

DJ Webstar & Jim Jones – She Can Get It [via Splash]

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6 Responses to “DJ Webstar & Jim Jones – She Can Get It”

  1. Rick the New Intern Says:

    Jim Jones is a tool (c) ballin.

  2. Asparaghost Says:

    how the hell do you suck at using autotune…thats like suckin a baseball while on steriods…smh I see why Hov said dat shit…at least T-Pain and Kanye actually sound good with it, where as these wack mufuckas actually sound worse than their actual singing voices (probably)..kill em

  3. soleking78 Says:

    no one ares jimmy. but since u ike hip hop music so much jimmy, go cop that blueprint3 on sept.11th. maybe u can get sum instructions on how not 2 b wack as fuck on the mic u HATER.

  4. GMZ Says:

    Used to respect Jim Jones hustle even though his rapping sucks….but after reading that Max B article…that respect is evaporated….

  5. BEZ Says:

    Pure Rubbish.

  6. IwannaToungePunchYourDirtStar Says:

    jesus there highhhhhhhh in that pic

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