Benzino – Good Fellaz (Eminem & Slaughterhouse Diss)


“Too overrated, what I’m saying might be fraud to them, they bring that bacon to my house I have to slaughter them…”

Ray Benzino continues to redefine absurdity. How dare this guy use the phrase “nail in the coffin” in reference to anybody he’s trying to diss. Holy shit, we need a board.

Benzino – Good Fellaz (Eminem & Slaughterhouse Diss)

Previously: Benzino Interview w/ N.O.R.E.

And for old times sake:  Eminem – Nail In The Coffin | Eminem – The Sauce

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64 Responses to “Benzino – Good Fellaz (Eminem & Slaughterhouse Diss)”

  1. Rep217 Says:

    Binh Says:
    September 6th, 2009 at 1:49 am

    Soulja Boy > Benzino


    I co-sign this


  2. The Real Just Says:

    Why support this CLOWN by posting his shit? I mean seriously…

    This is suppose to be the BEST blog out…post the BEST music that’s out. Enough said.

  3. matt milky Says:


  4. Bennifer Says:


  5. David Cardona Says:

    This guy is the worst rapper of all time! How dare you Raymond? You were better off letting your son spit the verse! You make Soulja Boy look like Nas!!
    You make Drake look like Canibus!!!!

  6. jae pryce Says:

    this fagot need to stop trying too hard get a 9 to five be a plumber or something

  7. Cal Says:

    I dont even think the words “fell off” justify what happened to this queer!! Wasn’t he at one point the most powerful man in hip hop “journalism” I mean while he was extorting it?

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  9. steezoValenti Says:

    Billy Ray Cyrus > Benzino

  10. wow Says:

    how dare a NOBODY get on a rolling stones beat. what a jerk off

  11. Binh Says:

    steezoValenti Says:
    Billy Ray Cyrus > Benzino

    F- that. Miley Ray Cyrus > Benzino

  12. ckchillout Says:

    Benihana’s >Benzino

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