Video: Donnis Interview w/ Mick Boogie

As you can see, the buzz on Donnis continues to grow, with the release of his Snack Packs and most recently the overwhelming response to the “Diary Of An Atlanta Brave” mixtape. In this short clip, Donnis sits down w/ Mick Boogie & Terry Urban on their “Press Play Show” up at Sirius/Shade 45. With alot of folks asking ‘where did this kid come from’ Donnis gives a bit more insight about where he’s from, being in the military, living in Tokyo, and the artists that have influenced him.

Previously: 10.Deep presents Donnis – Diary Of An ATL Brave (Mixtape)

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10 Responses to “Video: Donnis Interview w/ Mick Boogie”

  1. PlugIndustries Says:

    Spanish Jose
    every spanish male is named jose… or julio.

  2. silas Aka simon Says:

    the production on that atlanta brave is o so serious

  3. Mr. Papagiorgio Says:

    *dead* @ plug.

  4. LondonBloke: Lambeth Livin but Still Winnin Says:

    NahRight nobody’s i havent listened to yet:

    Nipsey Hustle
    Chino XL
    Juicy J
    Lil Boosie
    La Coka Nostra
    Nino Bless
    Fresh Daily – Untucked Nunchucks WtF?
    4 shoehorse gang or whatever


    Am I missing out by not listening to any of these artists?

  5. NowwhY Says:

    @ London


  6. PlugIndustries Says:


    rhymes too vicious

    eat MC’s all day

    mmm delicious

    My whole crew up in this

    no doubt we gonna win this

    smack up ya moms like i smacked Johnny Guiness

    3 o’clock yesterday

    I don’t care what they say

    suckas shouldn’t play

    hit them with the Hennesssssyyyyy (c) Gangstalisious

  7. The Shooter Says:

    London you listen to Mickey Factz and Mazzi?

  8. LondonBloke: Lambeth Livin but Still Winnin Says:

    London you listen to Mickey Factz and Mazzi?


    SOS and The Walking Man. Nope and Nope. Why am i missing something?

  9. LondonBloke: Lambeth Livin but Still Winnin Says:

    Daps Mr Pap

    Yo Pap who you in da twitterpic wid [n]. Is that wifey? Would explain Hymen Hunter —-> Mr. Pap!

  10. Mr p Says:

    @ london LMAO
    on the real tho’ big ups to Nahright for bringing new artist to us. Real talk. I heard of Big sean through y’all and he’s dope.

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