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Video: Saigon Vision Ep. 2: The Jail House Bong

Previously: Saigon Vision Ep. 1 (At “Gotta Believe It” Video Shoot)

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13 Responses to “Video: Saigon Vision Ep. 2: The Jail House Bong”

  1. "A" Chick lost in my thoughts so my eyez be asian Says:

    » Jay-Z’s Top 8 “Ty Ty” References
    LOL@COMPLEX SAYS: Somebody ask Dame that question.

    *is easily amused*
    *subscribes to Complex Mag*
    *Is glad 2 have missed the Keri issue*

  2. AmpGeez a.k.a Ni@@as Is Puss Says:

    That screenshot is mad suspect.

    The “Jail House” in the title don’t help much neither.

  3. Zee! Says:


  4. JUlett Says:

    That’s a lot of marry juana… nevermind it’s a liitle piece he’s holding…

  5. "A" Chick lost in my thoughts so my eyez be asian Says:


  6. james Says:

    kid can spit – “so deep got to look up to see hell”

    can’t wait for warning shots 2 and greatest story never told

  7. shakildwz Says:

    lol he actually made a home made steam roller

  8. g3n303 Says:

    did he say the shape of the stem or pen? oh nvm

  9. kstrai Says:

    yo saigon if you’re gunna make a video involving weed you need to step your game up next time!!! i got way danker shit infront of me right now haha

  10. DJ L.L.A.M.A. Says:

    That was funny as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Manos Says:

    What kind of moron would smoke “kush” out of metal? I thought this dude was making some loot? Shit, I’m brokes and I still have like 4 pieces and 2 real bongs (a bong has a water chamber homie….you’re just smoking out of a role..that’s it).

    if you have good weed…a small bowl will run you 20 bucks…don’t be a scenester rapper.

    and fuck blunts or whiteowls unless you smoking some mid or swag.

  12. Nah Right » Video: Saigon Vision Ep. 2.1 (The Parole Board) Says:

    […] thought this was Episode 2? […]

  13. de la Says:

    wow thats sum 13 year old shit right there.

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