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Video: Young Chris, Freeway & Beanie Sigel – Last Two

This shit goes quite hard. Someone even got shot on the set for this shit…

Previously: Young Chris feat. Freeway & Beanie Sigel – The Last Two (prod. 9th Wonder)

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32 Responses to “Video: Young Chris, Freeway & Beanie Sigel – Last Two”

  1. D. Billz Says:

    State Prop Chain GANNNNG!

  2. makk Says:

    somebody got shot!? i am definatly bumping this, gnarly dudesz!!!

  3. Rampage Jackson Says:

    … 1 ….

  4. D. Billz Says:

    “I used to bump niggas and knock niggas out for the practice”

    This song matched with the visuals is lava… HARD. BODY.

    Call O & Sparks and Free Peedi. Immediately.

    *listens again*

  5. Alejandro Says:

    Eskay. I respect the fact that you have created our generation’s Source Mag.

  6. Eastern_Digital Says:



    Leslie Nielsen > _____________.

  8. D. Billz Says:

    Rumor: Joe Budden Breaks Up With Tahiry After Finding Guys Number On Her Phone? (Footage Of Joe Budden Lookin A Lil Depressed Recording A Track About Tahiry In The Studio)

    ^If it’s true, then it’s some Nahggers on here that called it like a ref.

    *catches Amtrak to Newark Penn Station*

    *takes PATH to Jersey City*

    *GPS’s Tahiry*

  9. GMZ Says:

    LOL & SMH @ myself for thinking its funny that a nigga got shot on the set…niggaz…

  10. naz Says:

    This goes hard but nobody does the back and forth shit like the L.O.X, but this is one of the hardest tracks for 09

  11. "A" Chick lost in my thoughts so my eyez be asian Says:

    Damn do these niggas ever evolve? Same ol’ Shit…

  12. PHENOMENON Says:

    Damn do these niggas ever evolve? Same ol’ Shit…

    ^ ^
    Something like THIS.

  13. sleep AKA I'M 2 COOL 4 U DUDES 2 RIDICULE Says:

    roc nation?


  14. sleep AKA I'M 2 COOL 4 U DUDES 2 RIDICULE Says:

    chris had the potential to be a star on roc nation. then this younger and nicer nigga from north carolina showed up in hov office.

  15. SeeAmI? Says:

    no really come on now…i dig the proff griff vid. but what were he cahrges and shit. i doubt the cops came to eskay and told him someone was talking about using magick to put demons on a record.? what happened to eskay?

  16. K Says:

    This is hip hop…. so hard (pause)

  17. Suaveebolaayatollahsaudiarabiacocacola Says:

    *undead* @ Drake-ula in the Forever post.

  18. Eastern_Digital Says:

    that new Beans/Free/some other nigga Sicker Than Your Average kinda bangs. but on that funky tip.

  19. Hyperbole Says:

    Joe shouldn’t suprised he knew Tahiry’s twat has, more miles on it than the truck from Sanford & Son

  20. D-Money from H-Town aka My Repertoire is USSR Says:

    Getting shot on a video set now? Is that what’s hot in the streets now?

    *Peeps over glasses like Chappelle imitating Diddy*

  21. Bob Dobalina Says:

    Beans looks like Scarface mixed wit Sen Dog from Cypress Hill.

  22. prophecy_projectz Says:

    That shooting looks is a nice use of publicity stunt viral marketing…

  23. Vick Says:

    Beanie braggin about that happening everyday in the hood…ftw

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  26. Wow Says:

    yo sigel killed that shit wow…and nigaz think i’m a be bumpin ghetto techno…haa
    rocafella > roc nation!!!!!

  27. Wow Says:

    2:35 – the end

  28. Wow Says:

    2:35 – the end

  29. junclassic Says:

    Shit is Hard for real…

    Siegal bodied that third verse…

  30. De_Here Says:

    *continues waiting for Young Chris to blow*


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