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Horse Shoe Gang – Spit That Shit

Here’s the last Horse Shoe Weekly freestyle of their freestyle series they had in the month of August. This one is called “Spit that Shit’ and they crush Michael Jackson’s ” Dirty Diana” instrumental this time around. Just because the series is over doesn’t mean the group is going to stop putting out tracks anytime soon. The fans will get to hear actually songs from the group compared to the freestyles they’ve been hearing. Enjoy!

Horse Shoe Gang – Spit That Shit

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2 Responses to “Horse Shoe Gang – Spit That Shit”

  1. Tong Po Flo Says:

    WOAH: Tahiry Spazzin Out & Saying Its Over To Joe! Joe Budden Says “You Aint Gonna Tell Me What To Put On Joe Budden TV. Sue Me” + Tahiry Says “Fuck Joe Budden TV & All YOur BS + (Is This The Break Up Caught On Tape?)

    ^ I give her props for lasting that long with that douchebag

  2. APES IN SPACE Says:


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