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Boaz – Run This Town Freestyle


Wiz Khalifa has been getting alot of (much deserved) attention lately, but let’s not forget about the other beast from Pittsburgh. Boaz is getting ready to drop a new mixtape next month and will be performing at Hot 97’s Who’s Next showcase in New York the month after that.

Boaz – Run This Town Freestyle

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5 Responses to “Boaz – Run This Town Freestyle”

  1. 123 Says:

    When is Shaq dropping that next classic?

  2. CriticalHater Says:

    ::::awaits for usual haters::::

  3. Eviction Notice Says:

    Wiz khalifa??? much deserved attention??? beast outta Pittsburgh??? Seriously??? that dudes rhymes are lame and elementary, WTF is a Taylor gang anyway??? Why people continue to back these lame hipsters dudes
    is beyond me…I tried to bump how fly but I would just fast forward wizs slow retard rap to hear currensys verses…seriously could I get a record deal with a bunch of bad tattoos, hipster apparel, and shitty rhymes about the same shit every song??? Probably, that’s why hip hop is in a recession… I’ll fuckin wizz on wiz khalifa…WACKNESS

  4. D. Billz Says:

    ^You aggy…

    Before the “hipster” Wiz (Show and Prove, Prince of the City 1&2, Green Lantern mixtape) money had some HARD bars. I can see why people might not like his new style but Flight School is damn good mixtape and he does the hipster shtick better than many of the other LONS. Yeah, I’d prefer some of the more thorough bars by Khalifa too, but he’s steps above Boaz right now in terms of who’s got shit on lock for their city. I guarantee you can play “Say Yeah” at any club on the Northeast right now and the heffas will lose their mind.

    Wiz >

    LF: An afternoon nap will fuck up your whole sleeping clock.

  5. Nah Right » Video: Boaz - CDR Freestyle Says:

    […] Previously: Boaz – Run This Town Freestyle […]

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