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Video: The Making Of DJ Khalil’s “Kinda Like A Big Deal”

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7 Responses to “Video: The Making Of DJ Khalil’s “Kinda Like A Big Deal””

  1. Detroit P Says:


    em verse sucked….yall niggas is sound-blind…dude up above posted the lyrics and now i’m even less impressed

    washed up Jay>>>>washed up Em

    atleast Jay’s not trying to cover up his uninspired lyrics with terrible flow

  2. Detroit P Says:


    And smh@niggas blamin the engineer for em wack verse…its offbeat cus that nigga made it that way, he was tryin too hard

    “oh, the mixing isnt right!”…shut the fuck up faggots….that shit has nuthing to do with lining the verse up with the beat

  3. Mr. i don't give fidduck abidout the shit that you commented Says:

    smh @ the idea of em havin terrible flows….

    his worst sixteen is ya best comment DP.

  4. DJ Khalil - Making of Kinda Like A Big Deal | DJ Code Blue - London Hip Hop DJ & RnB Mix DJ - official website Says:

    […] NR. […]

  5. J Dela Says:

    he skipped step one — listening to/shamelessly biting ratatat remixes.

  6. Tong Po Flo Says:

    Khaled > Khalil


    Big deal!!

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