Video: GZA @ Lollapalooza ’09

The Genius talks about his experience at Lollapalooza and what it would take to get another Wu-Tang album.

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7 Responses to “Video: GZA @ Lollapalooza ’09”

  1. Mac Brown aka Drugs R bad.. so I abuse the P*ssy! Says:

    Wu TAnG

  2. KzA Says:

    Entering Warp Speed

  3. Big_seth Says:

    Ol’ post all 16 of these posts at once looking ass nigga, dominican & canadian

  4. Big_seth Says:


    This nigga still look 19 years old.

    Melanin FTW

  5. Hymen Hunter Says:

    Again fam…. you have the WHOLE internets at your disposal and you come to Nah Right for financial advice?


    lol, nah right is a financial services board.

    and it’s run by beezy.

  6. De_Here Says:

    that nigga puts on a terrible live show yo…everytime I see video of him he’s just standin there lookin retarded and the crowd looks dead….thats not ballin

  7. Jeff Says:

    God another Wu Album?
    These niggas need to stop already.
    The last what… 4 have been absolutely garbage.
    Stop putting out mediocre shit. GZA included.

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