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Memphis Bleek – Why They Hate Me


*Looks around…* Who? Me?

“Is it cause of my ties, you won’t show me my respect/or the fact that my big homie, he hand me down jets…” <– I’m saying.

Memphis Bleek – Why They Hate Me

His new album The Process drops November 24th on Get Low Records. This will be his fifth album. That is all.

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8 Responses to “Memphis Bleek – Why They Hate Me”

  1. Asparaghost Says:

    I don’t hate you Bleek. I hate the idea of you

  2. rex hussla Says:

    I like you Bleek [ll]

  3. » Blog Archive » Memphis Bleek- “Why They Hate Me” Says:

    […] New M. Cox. New album The Process coming in Nov. Spotted @ NahRight. […]

  4. Mixtape Torrents Says:

    don’t be sincere, clown this nigga cause he ain’t getting better. I use to listen him when I had a portable cd player enough said.

  5. swaggoBEY. Says:

    *gets frustrated*
    *palms face*

    bleek, u were supposed to be the heir to the throne. (c) hov himself.
    but at the end of the day, you were SET UP to be the next big thing. your arms were just too short for the long pockets jay handed down to you… after jay stopped writing your rhymes, you dropped the ball. Rapping’s not for everyone..

  6. hook Says:

    man fuck this dude. i bought m.a.d.e. b/c of the production but the whole joint was wack as fuck. just blaze did like ten tracks and they’re all weak. the kanye track is garbage. even jay turns in half-assed guest verses. it’s like everybody was like “oh it’s just a bleek album, we don’t really have to try.” and don’t get me started about the lyrics. fuck this dude, he doesn’t deserve any more chances.

  7. WTF60621 Says:

    Damn..i aint even heard the track …yall really goin in on dude..*pause*

  8. kpistol Says:

    nuthin special about bleek. He’s tha most generic rapper alive. I prolly woulnt recoginize him at his own show.

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