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Apathy ft. Phonte – True Love


Off Apathy’s upcoming sophomore solo project, Wanna Snuggle?

Connecticut’s world famous rhyme wrecker returns with a warm hug and a deadly snakebite on his sophomore full length album, “Wanna Snuggle?” Apathy, known as lead MC of the indie fan favorite Demigodz clique as well as a member of Jedi Mind Tricks’ Army of the Pharaohs crew, follows up 2006’s well-received Babygrande Records “Eastern Philosophy” debut with a brand new masterpiece of 21 songs. Painstaking lyricism, strangleholding mic presence, high caliber rap flows and upper echelon neck-snapping production round out this release in true Demigodzilla fashion. Some of the highlights include the uptempo “Shoot First”, which is a Mike Shinoda produced track featuring the legendary B-Real (of Cypress Hill) and Celph Titled, as well as a collaboration with J-Live called “This Is The Formula”. Little Brother’s own Phonte makes a cameo on “True Love”, and some soulful hooks are laced across the album courtesy of Chip-Fu (of Fu-Schnickens) and Wu-Tang vocalist Blue Raspberry. Also contributing a major factor to the album is singer Holly Brook, best known for Fort Minor’s chart topping “Where’d You Go” single and video. Fort Minor, Get Busy Committee, Demigodz and AOTP family are definitely in full effect throughout the project, including Ryu (of Styles of Beyond), Motive, Emilio Lopez, King Magnetic, Veze Skante and more. The bulk of production is handled by Apathy himself, who has been building up a production resume producing for Tiye Phoenix, Styles of Beyond, 7L & Esoteric, Eternia, and upcoming albums from Cypress Hill and Edo G.

Apathy ft. Phonte – True Love

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20 Responses to “Apathy ft. Phonte – True Love”

  1. A tribe called quest aka No Draws unda Im Big Brotha Thunda Says:


  2. Michael Vick Says:

    this this kind of cover, i have to assume dude is caucasian

  3. R.J.Orion Says:

    OK Tribe… ill take Parker and Vick

    @ Brooklyn Strong … i hear you but im stacking blue chip stud players … if someone gets hurt, ill blow that bridge up when i get to it …

    LOL… Bed Stuy, you just mad cause you gonna start off the season with an L … you better hope for injuries B …. EARLY

  4. Michael Vick Says:

    white rappers always be on some horrific shit

  5. Big_seth Says:

    but sometimes a goatee is unsatisfying. my son rubs his hands on my bare cheeks and i think to myself, what type of feminine example am i setting? a child should play with his father’s beard. that’s a no-brainer


    I don’t know if its supposed to be funny, but saying not having a beard is fem makes me laugh.

  6. CiCi The Intern Says:

    hell yeah … he may be the stupidest athlete ive ever seen… or the most honest … some things though, you gotta keep to self …

    I’m watching it right now. I ain’t know dude was knocking down pills..

    …and he got 7 kids?!


    The WAVE!

  8. R.J.Orion Says:

    yo Tribe … yo Son… do that trade man.. i said ill take Parker …

  9. mr. vengeance Says:

    i thought DTR was wack when i first listened to it, but now….SHIT’S FLAMES!

  10. Breaux Brosephson the !! Says:

    I always thought my dad’s beard was cool when I was little. my mom would let me draw one on my face with makeup pencils….this was when I was about three or four so save the slick talk.

  11. A tribe called quest aka No Draws unda Im Big Brotha Thunda Says:


  12. Pierre Richargere aka Al Poelvoordino Says:

    free the wavy one !

  13. Mike Says:

    Apathy is prob one of the best underground rappers

  14. cOLD Says:

    ….this was when I was about three or four so save the slick talk.

    ^ haha

  15. R.J.Orion Says:

    *daps Tribe*

  16. cOLD Says:

    *tries on panyhose at 3 yrs of age*

  17. cOLD Says:

    yo dilute your cranberry juice to where its like a 70/30 water cranberry mix. Shits crack.

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  19. NLM Says:

    I think that the album name is stupid, but the song is okay.

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