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Video: Fred the Godson – Still Fly (Remix)

Fred redoes the Drake joint.

Hit the jump for a bonus freestyle with Fred, Good and Cashflow.

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7 Responses to “Video: Fred the Godson – Still Fly (Remix)”

  1. Nyte a.k.a MidNYTE Maraudah Says:

    Fred redoes the Page joint that features Drake.
    *fixed (punk ass Canadian gets enough shine on this website)

  2. eejaym Says:

    tha nigga look downright scurry.. like tha little monster from Stephen King’s Cats Eye

  3. Bklynz Own Says:

    Yo that kid Fred is a Beast Lyrically keep it goin homie the punchlines are crazy

  4. Bklynz Own Says:

    Rest In Peace to Exodus Tyson 4 real always in our prayers

    bklyn 4 life

  5. silas aka simon Says:

    due got some of the best punch lines out right now those last few bars is some classic shit

  6. silas aka simon Says:


  7. tightpantsniggah Says:

    R yall nigaz seriousssssss…..this dude is a BEAST literally not lyricallly….

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