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Video: Raekwon Interview w/ Charlamagne Tha God

Spotted at Writer’s Block Media.

Shoot him the fair one.” –  JBTV.com’s Squaredance ’09 Campaign

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7 Responses to “Video: Raekwon Interview w/ Charlamagne Tha God”

  1. BennerH Says:

    best rapper alive

  2. JayMan Says:


  3. BigDaddyKane Says:

    The funny thing is he really thinks he gets some cool points for this hhahahah

    Lets Recap!


    Rae Pulls a sucka move gets his bodyguard to do what we all THOUGHT HE COULD HANDLE IN THE BOOTH…

    Follows it up by accusing Budden of dry snitching HAHAHAHAH

    Then get stuck with the dummy when he gets called on the fact that he actually brought a camera to the event HAHAHAH Foolishness..


  4. BigDaddyKane Says:


  5. wtf? Says:

    Did anyone catch Rae’s response when he was asked why he took a camera there if he didnt want publicity/footage, he said ”because man, joes not on my level man”, what the fuck is he talking about….. Old ass neeguh!

  6. dumb Says:

    This dude is just str8 dumb .. first and foremost, he is obviously a pussy. Going in w/ a cam + 6-7 people against 1 (2 w/ Mickey) .. Let another man do his dirty work and then pussy out on Joey’s 1 on 1 challenge.
    He also calls Joey a snitch when he is the one boosting “We got the taaape n’gga” .. Damn I really hope one of Joey’s,,SH’s or Joey himself gets a hold of this dude without his massive protection

  7. Hellz Wind Staff Says:

    This whole shit exposed todays internet rappers as being pussy. Not a single Joe Budden fan can point me to his response to Inspecta Deck! Joe has NO career and you scared internet wanna be hip hopper need to accept it. Escape Route has no buzz and OB4CL is getting nothing but excellent reviews not because of Joe’s eye but because of the music.

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