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Really Doe – RPS


RPS stands for Rock, Paper, Scissors. Really Doe’s First Impressions drops on Tuesday. Check out Andrew’s album preview here.

Really Doe – RPS

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2 Responses to “Really Doe – RPS”

  1. b-ease Says:

    spirit equality Says:

    August 15th, 2009 at 12:32 pm
    the ironic thing is, i haven’t stated a position yet. but neither has anyone else. because actually being able to articulate a position is a lost art among hip-hop

    Dude, no shots, but the question didnt prompt debate for the simple fact that it isnt worth debating. Who gives two shits about Ludacris right now? Is he the best in the mainstream right now? Of course not. No debate there.

  2. john john Says:

    Spot On Really Doe. This track is really dope and look forward to the rest on Tuesday. Proud of the CHI town rappers bring the support and it has been some time coming for Really Doe. 8.18!!!!

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