Video: Young Chris – Grown Things

The concept was pretty simple, Chris sees girl, Chris sweet talks girl, Chris gets girl. Fortunately for Chris, this wasn’t going to take too long to shoot, so when he arrived on set 4 hours late due to “shore traffic” I was still able to pull this off with the 2 hrs of daylight we had left.

Derek Pike, Director

Shouts to Steve-O/BoBO.

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7 Responses to “Video: Young Chris – Grown Things”

  1. D-Money from H-Town Says:

    Young Chris is that dude that’s nice, but not nice enough to have mass appeal.

  2. BENJAMIN STUNTIN' that ol' ahk young guap i flip. Says:

    the nigga got 13 from 13 chicks. skeeting in rats FAIL


    BAMMA LOCC’N! sheeesh!

  3. Drake Says:

    young C!

  4. Drake Says:

    young C!

  5. D-Money from H-Town Says:

    BENJAMIN STUNTIN’ that ol’ ahk young guap i flip. Says:

    August 13th, 2009 at 7:24 pm
    the nigga got 13 from 13 chicks. skeeting in rats FAIL


    Reproducing rats. FAIL.

  6. Camelot Says:

    Pages 22 + 23

    Q: Mr. Zellars, this is the first time I have spoken with you, isn’t it?

    A: No

    Q: Isn’t it true that on yesterday, when Mr. Kendall and I spoke to you, you said you had been trying on numerous occasions to contact D.E.A. to give them some information about Ali but they thought you were playing and would not contact you?

    A: F.B.I., when I was contacting the F.B.I., they thought I was playing with them about what I knew.

    Q: Okay so why were you trying to contact F.B.I.?

    A: About something else

    [cont. on page 23]

    Q: You indicated that you had been trying to contact F.B.I. were calling — through who or how were you trying to contact the F.B.I.?

    A: I had people calling, and I was writing.

    Thats some dedication when you licking stamps to get your shit done.

  7. A tribe called quest aka No Draws unda Im Big Brotha Thunda Says:

    3 spots left

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