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TSG vs. Alfamega: Round III


In response to Alfamega’s suggestion that the snitching allegations made against him by The Smoking Gun were based on forged documents, the website today posted the entire transcript of Mega’s testimony against one Ali Baaqar.

Hit the jump for another page from the transcipt in which Mr. Zellars tells the defense attorney that Baqaar isn’t the only person he’s given testimony about.


I should also note that while he claims that TSG’s documentation was fake, Mega did concede that he gave some sort of intentionally false testimony to the government in order to get his sentence reduced.

My response to that is one of these faces.

Click here to read the full transcript.

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27 Responses to “TSG vs. Alfamega: Round III”

  1. Barbecue Tee Says:

    …. less than $50 a ticket for real ill seats, with a parking pass so we don’t have to pay for parking, but more importantly we get the ill parking spots to tailgate at and we don’t have to wait in crazy traffic going in and out of the game, so yeah I’d say its a deal …

    ^^ now, I do understand. That is a deal. Have fun.

  2. Danielson a.k.a. My Blog Game Proper™ Says:


  3. soapy Says:

    I want in on the nah fantasy (nh) football league. How do I get in? Is there live draft? Details, muhfuckers

  4. George Says:


  5. Mike Jordan Says:

    Sweet, sweet Karma.

  6. Gseven Says:

    >>the website today posted the entire transcript of Mega’s testimony against one Ali Baaqar.

    lol. the wonders of the world wide web.

  7. Charles Oakley Says:

    he mustve been confused (c)buck

  8. ATL Says:


  9. dafirestarta Says:

    is alfa losing more the buddens?

  10. herbal kint Says:

    Charles Oakley Says:
    August 13th, 2009 at 6:23 pm
    he mustve been confused (c)buck

    ….lmao, maybe he misremembered (c) Roger Clemens…

  11. kelito-vision Says:

    yeah add another loss for Alfa….he snitching on dudes who wouldn’t give him money while he was in jail…smh….unless them dudes helped put him in the cell…he can’t be snitching like this

  12. zman Says:

    Alfa is gonna shoot himself before the year is over.

  13. BENJAMIN STUNTIN' that ol' ahk young guap i flip. Says:

    Angie Martinez gave birth to the son on a gay man. Ill just take Miss Info.


    *befuddled incessant shakin of head(nah)*

    pardon? for real?

  14. dafirestarta Says:

    # zman Says:
    August 13th, 2009 at 6:30 pm

    Alfa is gonna shoot himself before the year is over.

    ^for real. where else can he go from here?

  15. ItIsWhatItIs Says:

    This nigga might wanna hire some security, cause there aint a bullet in the world he can benchpress

  16. D-Money from H-Town Says:

    puts $100 down that Alfa may not make it to see Obama get re-elected in ’12.

  17. Dee Says:

    well damn. this nigga just keeps taking major L after major L.

  18. P Says:

    that was some bullshit..because if you read carefully he go from sayin yes ma’am to yes sir.. smokin gun on that bullshit lol

  19. gus Says:


    There war more than one attorney there for the trial man..u might wanna get your court tv…lol

    He is a rat though man….PERIOD!

  20. H8 is Over8ted Says:

    Damn, wasn’t Alfamega talking mad shit about these “youngsters” in the game and how they don’t respect the ‘street rules’? Then he goes and turns state?

    *put’s in Plies: The Real Testament. Turns on “100 Years”, then increases volume and bangs “I Know You Workin”. *

    “Dat nigga name all through a bitch black and white. Man he told dem crackas shit dat they ain’t even ask.”

  21. H8 is Over8ted Says:

    if you read the transcripts, What “Big Ced” aka Alfamega is doin here is pure 100% snitching. He was already locked up and ‘he’ went to the feds himself. He said he was picking people out of pictures and everything. This dude should go and hide somewhere. This is about as foul as you can get. he even talks about the dirt he was doing. Prices, dates, everything. I mean this is lower than low. I feel sorry for his 13 kids.

  22. H8 is Over8ted Says:

    Lawyer: “And Ali wouldn’t give you any money, so now you’re in here testifying against him?”
    ALFAMEGA : “Yes”
    Lawyer: “And he wouldn’t?”
    ALFAMEGA: “Him and several other guys I have gave information about”

    damn damn damn…….straight up state’s witness…..damn

  23. blackbox Says:


  24. Geeky Fresh Says:

    I can’t believe this shit 18 months for all that you should of just maxed out

  25. Geeky Fresh Says:

    H8 is Over8ted Says:

    “Dat nigga name all through a bitch black and white. Man he told dem crackas shit dat they ain’t even ask.”



    alfamega (his name for now on should be typed in small caps at all times) *Riley from the boondocks voice* IS SO NOT GANGSTA!!!

  26. Jersey Says:

    Guess he aint really official

  27. Snitch Rap Says:

    Definitely posted the SG shit one mo gin when he got started yappin’ on camera(phone) a few weeks ago. Rappers be delirious.

    This dude’s life is worthless, but good luck on your next record.

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