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Video: Is A Mixtape Enough To Get Drake On The Hottest MCs List?

via MTV:

Since we published our poll asking fans their picks for 2009’s Hottest MC in the Game, over 100,000 people have taken notice, voted and chimed in. (Editor’s note: The poll is meant to spark conversation, and it has no bearing on the MTV News Hip-Hop Brain Trust’s list of the 10 Hottest MCs.) One of the names that fans continue to bring up is Drake’s. The young Canadian’s fans say he squashes the competition — but Drizzy still feels he has a long way to go.

“What a lot of people don’t understand … people may be like, I may be one of the best MCs — not yet,” he told us recently. “I’m 22. I got a lot of growth.”

Which brings up an interesting point: Drake hasn’t even dropped an album. Yes, he’s building up a string of stellar guest spots — like on Young Money’s “Every Girl” and Fabolous’ “Throw It in the Bag” remix — and his mixtape, So Far Gone, is a certified classic on the underground circuit, spawning radio hits “Successful” and “Best I Ever Had.” But with only 10 slots on the Hip-Hop Brain Trust’s list, should a person with no LP under his belt make the cut over somebody who has not only had singles in rotation but put product out in stores?

Even if Drake doesn’t make the Hottest MCs list, he said even being considered is “an honor.”

#10 – #6 will be revealed from August 17 – 21.
#5 – #1 will be revealed during Diddy’s Making His Band on August 24th.

Vote now @ MTV

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20 Responses to “Video: Is A Mixtape Enough To Get Drake On The Hottest MCs List?”

  1. A tribe called quest aka No Draws unda Im Big Brotha Thunda Says:




  2. Big_seth Says:

    I don’t even like Drake & I would say yeah. If it’s about this year alone he is one of the most visible & has had the biggest song. He cares about lyrics & is trying to be true to Hip Hop.(even if I think he aint).

    Only if they define it by this year.

    only since I know DOOM won’t make that list.

  3. AJ Says:

    Yo honestly Buddens albums was never amazing.. and he on there… but Its hottest mCs right now… not hottest Mc’s wit albums right now..

  4. BENJAMIN STUNTIN' that ol' ahk young guap i flip. Says:

    been jammin on the 1!(c) 3 stacks x theo huxtable

  5. nation Says:

    MTV needs to calm down with all these fucking videos. what would they know about hot MCs

  6. SeniorCivilian Says:

    Unlike 50 who has mixtapes but no current radio play, Drake has both “Every Girl” and “Best I Ever Had” on the charts. He’s def up there with a few others.

  7. FRANCOIS Says:

    this kat is a corny ass pop artist, looking like mad special ed [ but not like the gansta special ed kids who used to run my juniro high lol]

  8. moneyray aka i comment on nahright so fuck 50 Says:

    drake should make the list without a question. Radio play should not determine you being on the list or not

  9. eskay Says:

    drake gets mad radio play dummy

  10. dystopia Says:

    mtv never had an honest mc list in the life of the series. smh at sway that knows better. they base their ranking on buzz. so from their perspective i would say yes the mixtape created enough buzz to place him in the top ten.

    It’s only fair that they do a best lyricist list though because the mc list usually sux.

  11. BENJAMIN STUNTIN' that ol' ahk young guap i flip. Says:

    what would they know about hot MCs


    the term “hot” is kinda corny to me. it’s so generic that once its applied to anyone/thing in hip-hop people w/little sense of what true talent is gravitate to it w/reckless abandon just to be “with it” w/o much examination or consternation.

    what ever happened to being “dope”? that undeniable “dope” that references the effect of good drugs.

    matter of fact…..

    w/e happened to the emcee?(c) the supa emcees

  12. I Fux Says:

    Hey do you think they will honor LLoyd Banks since he was like 2nd on their list?? or will they fucking screw over the people that voted on some Florida hanging chad tip?

  13. Kingpoetic Says:

    I can’t stand when they do soundscan projections only one day in, but I hope that slaughterhouse 25 k isn’t an accurate estimation

  14. FRANCOIS Says:

    could not download Win RAR. Anyone else no of something else i can use to open up that whiz/currency joint. im sweating here—“i need a fix, pa. come on.”

  15. eskay Says:

    in all fairness, MTV does a ‘hot’ mc’s list as well as a ‘best rapper’ list if I remember correctly and they’re both based on different criteria. obviously if your’e ‘hot’ that doesnt necessarily mean you’re a dope rapper.

    smh @ anybody thinking Doom would ever in his life be on a hottest MC’s list and then getting mad when he’s not. you guys need to pay better attention to what you’re criticizing.

  16. Sound Vertie Says:

    Hell the fuck NO. Drake is cornball and embarrassment to hip-hop with that sing-song garbage, at least Lil Wayne a real dude, Drake should never even be in the same room much less the same breathe.


  17. sydneyola Says:

    uh yea he should b cuz he was a great rapper since room for improvment hes not number1 he still has alot to work on but hes still realy great….much better than some of these dudes
    an sound vertie the “sing-song garbage” isnt garbage an thats a new thing wit him he been rappin much longer soo stfu :)

  18. killakate Says:

    Lil wayne is a real dude? Yeah…. REAL fucking terrible.


    That article is depressing. I’m going to stick to never turning on the radio and my constant hatred of all things corny in 2009.

  19. doc Says:

    What a shit ass list they have haha
    “(MTV) don’t love (the West Coast) and (the talent it has to offer)”


  20. Bless Red-E Says:

    This already seems flawed. How come Joe Buddens dosen’t find a problem with the fact that he is supposedly “hotter” than a lot of Mc’s he is definitely not hotter than? I take “hot” to be a combination of popularity, visibility and how prolific you are right now? As much as I might think some artists are over-rated. How are Wayne and Drake not two of the hottest right now? I think Joell Ortiz is the full embodiment of a hip-hop artist. He is top 3 on my list, but I wouldn’t say he is hot, because most of you who listen to more rap than I do, do not consider him top 3 right now. What a shame, lets see just how “hot” soulja boy is. How about this list: If every Mc dropped a solo single right now, which one would you buy from itunes without even listening first because you KNEW it would be hot?

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