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Big Twins feat. Krondon – Smart Niggas (prod. The Alchemist)


Big Twins’ The Project Kid drops August 18th. Production from Jake One, The Alchemist, Havoc, Sid Roams, etc.

Big Twins feat. Krondon – Smart Niggas (prod. The Alchemist)

Spotted @ OS

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5 Responses to “Big Twins feat. Krondon – Smart Niggas (prod. The Alchemist)”

  1. The Shot Clock aka Guns is me Says:

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    -George Sodini

  2. revamp Says:

    So far the two joints I heard off this album are bent-headed street music. Something I been dyin to here for awhile. Can’t wait for this record!!

  3. FANARTS Says:

    LOVE THAT KIND OF RAP….. REAL 90’s Isshhhhhh

  4. Cereal Killa Says:

    Big Twins & ALC? It gets no better. Krondon on the hook was unexpected but works so well. Shit bangs! Album gonna be dope. Crazy production!

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