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Lloyd Banks – 80’s Baby


Lloyd Banks – 80’s Baby

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16 Responses to “Lloyd Banks – 80’s Baby”

  1. ridalen Says:

    what a cliche ass picture for a cliche ass rapper.

  2. Taster's Choice [||] Says:

    80s babies rock g-shock watches or maybe a vintage rolex Air King, not hundreds of dollars in cubic zirconia. this nicca more of a washed-up 70s baby. we don’t want u, b. go thataway <———————

  3. nestle snipes Says:

    I always wanted to get my hands tatted.

  4. nestle snipes Says:


    young jeezy and michael vick in the club in virginia….niggers will be niggers…

  5. The Shot Clock aka Guns is me Says:

    rappers is scared of retirement


    Lloyd Banks sounds like the name of a solid CPA.

  7. Jimmy Says:

    Banks 1st album was hot, he still has some hot bars for some reason I can’t listen to a full song from him anymore.

  8. GMZ Says:

    # ridalen Says:
    August 10th, 2009 at 10:10 pm

    what a cliche ass picture for a cliche ass rapper.

    ^Word Up^…this nigga fell off and this picture shows how out of touch he is with where the game is headed (not saying Banks needs to come out with stretch pants jeans and bright kicks tho)….but he bodied Rawse in that Officer Down track — niggaz slept on that track but Banks killed that nigga…”50 bodied you / I just laid the chalk down”….

  9. Nah wrong Says:

    fuck u gay niggaz talkin…

    nah u like some gay ass kanye bullshit…

    and prove them diamonds ain’t real… nigga been cakin since 03… with plenty of plaques…

    why do niggas wan’t every rapper to sound alike…

    hot shit banks…

    nigga would murder drake…

  10. e diddy Says:

    niggas forget banks got a couple platinum plaques. hunger for more did 2X plat….beg for mercy did 3x plat. nigga got more money than 99% of dudes out.

  11. JDre Says:

    I dont understand how yall can hate on this man with a straight face and listen to the non sense yall do with a straight face.. smh

  12. ebmd Says:

    whens he going to drop an album

  13. trees Says:

    SMFH…you mean to tell me there ARE lloyd banks stans? WHERE THEY DO THAT AT.COM

  14. Eighty's Baby Says:

    80s baby? say word?

  15. chris Says:

    banks shit is real and fresh. He keeps it with a real hip hop vibe, unfortunately you hipsters can never understand what real shit hears of feels like, now hop on your skateboards with your cargo shorts and small collard shirts. DAM that felt good! LoseRzzz

  16. GMZ Says:

    nigga got more money than 99% of dudes out.

    And? WTF is that supposed to mean? Don’t get it twisted I fuck wit Banks, but arguing about how much money the nigga has isn’t really saying anything. I mean, Master P is sitting pretty (pause for you homo niggas) right now…it doesn’t make that nigga nice as a rapper.

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