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Video: Young Buck Speaks On Current Situation

“I got out of pocket a lil bit.”

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9 Responses to “Video: Young Buck Speaks On Current Situation”

  1. and the winner is.. Says:

    loyalty.com bro…check it

  2. Seth Gueko Says:

    need to do dey slaugtherhouse crew too !!!

  3. james Says:

    At least he’s man enough to recognize it. I hope Buck gets his shit together. I hope 50 let’s him free and doesn’t strangle whatever is left of his career.

  4. IwannaToungePunchYourDirtStar Says:

    soundin kinda gameish buck….bipolar ass muthfuka…realizin fif still controls your career so u trin to get back in wit em…whether thats the case or not thats what your makin in out to be. your actions in the last year have really helpd u fuck urself/career

  5. Bishop Brigante Says:

    Hey all you fags out there, hit me up on twitter!

  6. - keka - Says:

    …cant say nothing bad about buck.. he been grinding and knocking out some cool music.

  7. red parker Says:

    git em’ buck. that’s right dude, establish yo self musically cuz that’s what it’s all about. nothing else. keep that mind frame and we will for sure see you a lot in the next coming years. big ups homie. the real revolution is mental.

  8. chronwell Says:

    Buck right on one point.The rap is NOT like the crack game!

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