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Video: MTV’s Hottest MCs In The Game

I don’t think anybody could make a valid argument for 50 being higher than Ross… Forever King is my shit but that ain’t putting him over the top.

The draft starts August 17th. #1 MC to be announced August 24th during Diddy’s Making His Band.

Spotted @ RR via MTV

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32 Responses to “Video: MTV’s Hottest MCs In The Game”

  1. Ghost Writer Says:

    damn don cannon is sick

  2. FRANCOIS Says:

    “I don’t think anybody could make a valid argument for 50 being higher than Ross…”

    hmmmm. that’s quite a vexxed question you pose. but why should ross be higher? [shift in burden of proof since you implie that ross should be higher]

  3. Muzzie Says:

    @Francois: I think if you listen to Deeper Than Rap, then listen to anything you’ve heard from 50 recently, I think it’s kinda obvious. Lyrically, Ross > 50. Not that Ross is the next Nas or anything, but yeah.

  4. J.C Says:

    how about:
    1) Ross dissin Eminem
    2) Flip flopping on being a CO
    3) Bragging that since Get Rich sold $10mil his album wud sell $13mil n it came out with 158,000 and to this day 4 months later is at 360,000.
    4) 50 bringing out a higher volume of work than him, in and out of rap
    5) 50 dropping the said mixtapes that received far more favourable reviews than his studio album
    6) 50s mixtape tracks such as ‘London Girl’ receiving more spins than Ross’ first official album single

    Shall i go on NahRight?

  5. FRANCOIS Says:

    Muzzie Says:

    August 8th, 2009 at 6:23 pm
    @Francois: I think if you listen to Deeper Than Rap, then listen to anything you’ve heard from 50 recently, I think it’s kinda obvious. Lyrically, Ross > 50. Not that Ross is the next Nas or anything, but yeah.

    i think that deeper than rap has solid tracks. i actually lik this album collectively in comparison to his previous effortbut it still has weak “skippers” on there.

    Aside from all that C.O shit, album sales nonsense, and commercial appeal, i think that 50’s mixtapes have been pretty solid. yes, he has some tracks which are weak/filler joints, but, for the most part, the songs show (1) he can still flow, (2) drop raw street shit, and (3) pick raw production to match. i think as an mcee, with respect to lyrics and flow, he is underrated and not respected at all. Cats talk about Nyc rap. his name dont come up. so i see why he calls cats out. but no one who he has called out has responded with force.

    but ross got some shit too.

  6. J.C Says:

    @ Francois
    OK ok ok…You’re right! lol

  7. IwannaToungePunchYourDirtStar Says:


  8. Sb 562 Says:

    forever king>>>>>>>>

  9. BigDaddyKane Says:

    How about this for a valid argument.. Forever King and or War Angel are better than all of Rick Ross solo album.. Curtis has atleast 2 classic album GRODT AND POW OFFICER RICKY ZERO LOL

    If 50 isn’t one of the hottest in the game right now then what the fuck is is he?
    Name 5 that command more touring dollars than 50?
    Name 5 that command more attention than 50?
    Name 50 who can redo your record and people think its his?

    Hate however you choose to hate he’s not lyrical, he’s ugly, he’s a bully his moma breath stinks WHATEVER BUT THERE IS NO WAY HES NOT TOP 5 IN HIP HOP…

    So lets do the real top 5 right now…

    Kanye west
    50 CenT

    Now here is what the real list will look like

    Lil Wayne

    If anyone things Rick Ross is anywhere near a top 20 CURRENTLY they are smoking crack!! He can rap but hes such a fucking gemmick that its hard to fuck’n listen to him.. Mooonkeeey!!!

  10. BigDaddyKane Says:

    Here is my top 10 BASED ON TALENT.. Consider the top 5 is set no matter what!!! but this is just current presence…

    Lil Wayne
    50 Cent

    6. Kanye
    7. Drake
    8. Crooked I
    9. Loso
    10. Wale

  11. Dashing Says:

    Since the list is hottest RIGHT NOW and not best or hottest 6 months ago, here’s what i think the list will be.

    1. Kanye
    2. Wayne
    3. Jay-z
    4. Drake
    5. Eminem
    6. Rick Ross
    7. 50 Cent
    8. T.I
    9. Fabolous
    10. Gucci Mane (or maybe Young Jeezy)

    Hon mention: Slaughterhouse, nas, kid cudi, jadakiss.

    I guarantee at leaset 8 of those 10 are on the list.

  12. Frank Says:

    In no particular order:
    Young Jeezy
    Kanye West
    50 Cent
    Rick Ross
    Lil Wayne

  13. moneyray aka i comment on nahright so fuck 50 Says:

    It should be people like KRS who determine the list and not sway

  14. Frank Says:

    Fuck, take 50 off my list and put Kiss there. Can’t leave the D-Block General off, he has the best album thus far.

  15. JDre Says:

    Kanye West
    50 Cent

    Thats my top 5..50 got alot of haters but that forever king and war angel are both monsters and 50 is creating that buzz off og energy not the promotional dollars that are spent behind a project like DTR.. had ross not picked a fight he wouldnt get any mention on these boards, no one was talking about him til that beef.. and based on how not credible he actually is, I dont see why hes even relevant (Milli Vanilli)

  16. JDre Says:

    Actually 50 over Kanye right now based on the body of work hes put out with those 2 mixtapes

  17. thelupend Says:

    How about this

    5,Drake (Although he doesn’t have an album out)
    6.Young Jeezy
    7.50 Cent
    10.Rock Ross

  18. Kyle Says:

    1. Eminem
    2. Lil Wayne
    3. Kanye West
    4. T.I.
    5. 50 Cent
    6. Jay-Z
    7. The Game
    8. Young Jeezy
    9. Ludacris
    10. Snoop Dogg (or Nas)

  19. Bruh Mane from the FIF FLOOR Says:

    top 5 will come out in this order

    Gucci (due to the fact that a night out wont go by without hearing atleast 50 cars go by playing his shit)

  20. blkpwr Says:

    nahright talkin real reckless. It’s one thing 2 spark an argument for enlightening discusion, but the “I don’t think anybody could make a valid argument for 50 being higher than Ross” sounds more personal than reflective. You cant make a valid argument? r u kidding?!?!?!?

  21. whooooooooohannnnnnnnnnnn Says:

    No matter what MTV is defining this ! Real talk…

    Mos won’t be on that list and he will give 98% of these rappers the business.. Let’s see who wouldn’t make the list

    Andre 3000
    Common <——– remained relevant for over 15 years

    I wouldn’t be surpised to see..

    Charles Hamilton
    Asher Roth
    Kid Cuddi

    People who have earned in my eyes are
    Lil Wayne

    FIF is still that dude.. Because the last two classic albums made in the last 5 years he has one of them “Get Rich dyin trying”… Ross has yet to create something better…

    DAM I FORGOT RICKY ROSS is created in the Def Jam Corporate Board .. Rooms ! So that might move him up the ladder alot of coke sniffing/tight pants wearing Lames.. Support him..

    R&B rookie of the Year Mass Pike Miles !

    Underrated State in Hiphop =Masschusetts

    Clinton Sparks
    Mass Pike Miles
    Smoke Bulga
    Big Shug
    Singapore Kane
    Raw Spillage

  22. heez magnif Says:

    50’s not better than Rick Rawse?!?!

    you’re an idiot.

  23. jew hefner Says:

    Yall niggas are dumb the list is about whose THE HOTTEST RIGHT NOW not whose work is the realest its about who is the most relevant right now and i dont see half the people yall got up there goin on the list. SNoop DOGG? THE FUCK has that nigga done in a while

  24. ESPI Says:

    I’m not saying 50’s the “hottest MC” [ll] at all, but hip hop, like all authentic art forms born from struggle and DIY craftsmanship, traditionally would have no tolerance for poseurs. I am legitimately surprised at comments like Dre’s, bigging-up characters like Roberts over 50. I think Wale, Pusha, Malice, Mos, and others kill almost anything and should be on there but probably won’t be.

  25. MisUnderStood Says:

    Dre is getting a Def Jam check.

    Man Boobs Ricky Ross < 50 Cent

    His album is not even being talked about anymore

  26. - keka - Says:


    how is ross a better mc than 50?
    ..now, his last albums, production wise, were better…and, ross aint a bad rapper.. but, spitting he aint realy that tight! maybe, if your source of hiphop is the radio ?? but, this is nahright, right?

    yall outside of florida, forget ross has actualy been around for a long ass time! ..and, a few years back when 50 was the hot-ish, no-one would of even concidered rick ross?? are u crazy! .. now that everyone hated 50… ross is a better rapper. wtf?

    im from miami… ross aint bad..
    but, niggas sleeping on 50 skills..dude actuly pretty tight with it. he aint the best.. but, he’s def. up there…
    the last couple of mixtapes 50 dropped.. you kinda got to get into it.. because it aint what everyone is use to hearing..(s.o.s. the radio is playing) he kinda switched up his style a little.. but, mc-wise.. he’s kinda killing it!!

    yall sleep on….

  27. - keka - Says:

    ps. yall must of forgot ross.. :the lying ass C.O. ??
    and, how 50 killed him before his album dropped. (with the tia stuff, diss tracks, the baby mama video ??) yeah, the def jam promotion team kinda did what pres bush did after they found out he stole the election.. and turned the situation around.. but, realistly 50 killed him. ross still sold alot tho.. but,
    ..what kinda mc’ing yall talking about??

  28. Yo MTV Raps Says:

    I think you guys are forgetting what this list is about. Its not about who the better MC is. 50 cent may very well be a better MC than Rick Ross but the list isn’t all about that. Its about buzz, relevance, and success (vitamin water and movies don’t count) and like it or not Ross in 2009 beats 50 in all those categories. 50 may have released a few mixtapes but you have to remember that he put up 2 bricks off his actual album that constantly is getting pushed back. Last list MTV straight up said that 50 put up 2 bricks and “I get Money” is the only reason why he made this list. This year he doesn’t have an “I get money” type record (and don’t you even act like “okay you right” did what I get money did). So Ross wins the war of relevance. On top of that, whether he was a CO or not, Ross is fucking dope.

    Here is what I think MTV’s list will be based on the criteria they have used in the past.

    1.) Wayne
    2.) Kanye
    3.) Eminem
    4.) Jay-z
    5.) Drake
    6.) Rick Ross
    7.) TI
    8.) Young Jeezy
    9.) Gucci mane
    10.) 50 Cent

    Jadakiss may creep up on the list just because of his album doing better then expected. Fabolous wont make it because this list in the past few years showed no love for Fab or luda for some reason.

  29. - keka - Says:

    yeah, u right.. ross is more relevent :)
    …but,i get heated when the word “MC” is used loosley (…is it even a word, or an acronym?? what ever!!) but.. i feel ya.
    – pluss there was alot of smoke in the air last night… ;)

    i will admit 50 has thrown out alot sub par music.. but!!
    he by far is a better mc than ross…. not that ross is wack at all..
    but, it does say “hottes mc’s in the game” .. and 50 is kinda luke warm right now… jay-z’s not even killing it as usual… hope he has something big up his sleeve for when the album drops..
    … :)

  30. MisUnderStood Says:

    Y’all are bugging! Rick Ross is not MORE RELEVANT. The only reason he was talked about was because he came at 50 Cent. Which means…he needed 50 to become more relevant. The talk of all the blogs and the street was, “what is 50 going to do next”???

    As far as music…50 put out two (2) HOT mixtapes within 2 weeks. His MJ Freestyle on Forever King is damn near better than Rick Ross’s album.

    There is no way Rick Ross is a better MC or ha more buzz than 50. When 50 talks…everyone listens…that’s not being a “Stan”…that’s stating the facts!! His features gets the most comments, most views, and are the most talked about. In fact, his site thisis50.com should make him more relevant than the entire list…he’s a f@cking media outlet with more uniques visist than Nah Right (that’s where Dre ad Eskay’s hate stems from)

    Yo MTV Raps, how is Young Jeezy above 50 in terms of relevant. The 50 hate is ridiculous.

    Y’all must be taking stupid pills this week…

  31. - keka - Says:

    i agree.
    rosses buz was just def jam going hard a promo.
    pluss dj khalid carries weight with dj’s …

  32. Tisa Says:

    I know that 50 cent is way better than everyone on the list except for Eminem. I have seen alot of growth in him. Just because his music isn’t played on the radio doesn’t mean that it isn’t good music. Look at all the songs Llody Banks makes. There isn’t really anyone on the list the can out rap Llody never less 50 cent. Most of these guys can’t even perform the songs they made. G-Unit always have great concerts. 50 can perform every song he wrote. I am very disappointed at the choice of music out there today. I have 4 grown children and I can’t say that I have been impressed with any artist more than 50 cent. Before people say he doesn’t have any songs look him up on Youtube. Go to his website and download his cd’s. G-unit has lots of songs out there. He had to take back seat to Eminem this year that’s why he’s been doing mixtapes. He’s so creative that he makes more music than Interscope can put out. I didn’t even know he had so many new songs because theyre not played on the radio. Bsfore you judge him go check out his concerts and videos on Youtube.

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