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Video: The Next 48 Hours w/ Fabolous (Trailer #2)

Ed Lover critiques Fab’s album.

Previously: The Next 48 Hours w/ Fabolous (Trailer #1)

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9 Responses to “Video: The Next 48 Hours w/ Fabolous (Trailer #2)”

  1. A tribe called quest aka No Draws unda Im Big Brotha Thunda Says:

    Red Sox > Yankees

  2. mr. vengeance Says:

    Red Sox > Yankees



  3. Voltron Says:


  4. Apollo Says:

    jackers don’t just lift $35,000 worth of jewelry or anything for that matter w/care and gentleness

    Im sayin. That haircut he got cost him a range, a g, and some jewelry.

    Brisco handled it right though, its not worth your life. Nigga got me the same way for my jordans when I was 14, the gun probably wasn’t loaded but I didnt care… i came up off them jawns and kept it moving…

  5. The Shot Clock aka Guns is me Says:

    damn, Ed Lover been around since the dawn of man.

  6. Mr. trapstar trap bars all trap everything Says:

    its not worth your life.


    nah you right llo. i’m jus sayin dude got assaulted but his statement negating that sounds gay to me. i just went to WS flip flop and the footage clearly shows him gettin roughed up. niggas pulled dude out the chair and put a foot in his back while he laid spread eagle on the floor. lol. that shit had all the symptoms of assault. no matter how simple.

  7. Frank Says:

    The Last Kiss>Loso’s Way

  8. kyneton Says:


  9. mr green Says:

    like how fab tryin to flip around what old dude is sayin. good video of fabolous admitting to be a sellout.

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