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Video: The Clipse @ Sneaker Pimps in Boston

Hip hop on steroids:

The Clipse kicks it with Karmaloop backstage at Sneaker Pimps Boston, letting you in on the truth about Rick Rubin, their upcoming album, the new blog, and the current state of hip hop.

Clipse’s Til The Casket Drops in October. I was rocking a Clipse t-shirt to the Lil Wayne show last night, applaud me.

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8 Responses to “Video: The Clipse @ Sneaker Pimps in Boston”



  2. Beezy Says:

    The Clipse @ Sneaker Pimps in Boston

    The Clipse kicks it it with Karmaloop backstage…

    ^I see what you did there

  3. nation Says:

    that wasn’t me, but good catch

  4. rex hussla Says:


    Via LiveLeak comes this raw video of a baseball fan getting tased by police at an Oakland A’s game. According to the poster, the man became intoxicated after drinking several small bottles of vodka, and while he wasn’t threatening, his behavior was extremely loud and obnoxious.

    A security guard eventually summons the police, and the man continues his belligerent behavior, at one point thumbing his nose at the officers. Soon after they break out the tasers.


  5. Troyvul Says:

    That was just some DVD shit, but them niggas went wild…they didn’t even show the worst part of Baton rouge which is the south, where boosie and tyrus thomas was raised at…..the dude said thats coming in part 2.


    I was watching thinking some regular show some guns and shit, then these dudes were just getting hyped. Like the ignorance level is on a hunnit thousand trillion, boastin and braggin and shit showing there faces for the feds. I just started smh and lol’n at the same time.

  6. Kingpoetic Says:


    No drake video, crickets

  7. GorillaJoe aka Chief Ali Says:

    Dear Moleskin >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  8. Hip Hop At Lunch | A Daily Hip Hop Blog And Email Says:

    […] The Clipse Sneaker Pimp interview in Boston. Big Shout Out to @JoeBoyd1 for helping to make this interview possible!: More on NahRight.com […]

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