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Video: Off The Dome: Shyne

via Sha & Rahman:

It looks like Shyne is coming home. After many false release dates swirled around over the past few years, a judge has set October for Shyne’s release from prison after serving eight years.

So what happens next for Shyne’s career? Rahman Dukes and I contemplated Shyne’s next move. Rahman feels that aligning with Jay-Z and Roc Nation is a can’t-miss. Rah says the Brooklyn connection could be unbeatable, seeing that Jay’s reach and influence is so vast.

I see it a little differently. While you cannot argue that anything associated with Young Hov will be successful, I’m thinking of Shyne partnering up with another heavyweight: Kanye West. Yes, Kanye.

Kanye is arguably the best producer in the game today. Shyne will have a helluva story to tell, he has the credibility and hopefully his flow will still be intact. Lyrically, he told me five years ago that he’s written 10 albums in prison. All he needs are some beats. There’s no producer in the game right now whose track will make a more beautiful marriage with Shyne’s vocals. Me and Rahman also look forward to Just Blaze, Swizz Beatz and Cool & Dre working with Shyne if we had our wish — check out the video for the full conversation.

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24 Responses to “Video: Off The Dome: Shyne”

  1. Voltron Says:


  2. Voltron Says:


  3. The Shot Clock aka Guns is me Says:

    Shyne on GOOD music?…..laughable! (c) the Jesus

  4. FRANCOIS Says:

    shyne on young money. it’s biblical

  5. "A" Chick I Stay Geeked Up Neva Been A Retard Says:

    Shyne and J.Cole can’t be on the same label.

  6. FRANCOIS Says:

    shyne on good music: he will get skinny jeans, dork glasses, and sing over techn beats. love it

  7. Xenophon Says:

    Why did that discussion seem utterly worthless?? This isn’t Gucci Mane or DMX coming back after several months…..or the KAAIINNNGG coming back after a year and a day (POTNA!!!)…..Shyne has been gone for more than EIGHT YEARS…..and Shyne’s religious conversion was the elephant in the room!!! Neither one of them mentioned that AT ALL!!! Whatever he does just needs to be a surprise, because there’s too much on his plate to think he’ll just be released and go straight to spit a 16 on Ondaspot freestyle or some shit….

  8. Bruh Mane from the FIF FLOOR Says:

    he’ll end up at atlantic and overshadow Maino as the ex-con/rapper who did a bid

  9. Nah wrong Says:

    Niggas really think shyne gone shine huh????

  10. Seth Gueko Says:

    shyne ain’t maino.
    preemo please
    drop some gems
    for this dude
    shyne 2010 comeback
    will be dope! yall heard

  11. 590-in the game Says:

    Shyne can’t be on Rocafella… J.Cole will never see the light of day…Not that he is going to anyway…

    GOOD Music + Shyne = Comedy Central

    Dr. Dre + Shyne = 10 years to drop an album

    Shyne should put out his own album on his own imprint having Kanye, Preemo, Dr. Dre, and DJ Scratch on it…Maybe even a Trackmaster joint to push it mainstream.

  12. elgindotcom Says:

    I love how they say alligning yourself with Jay-Z and Roc Nation is a sure shot and anything Jay touches is a success.. . RIGHT!!!! Seriously, when he was Def Jam president, can someone point out a move he mad that was successful? one he made on his own.

  13. Bruh Mane from the FIF FLOOR Says:

    this aint the same shyne who made all those gangster narratives back in 2000….he’s a righteous brotha now

  14. rocstar Says:

    isnt aligning with roc nation and automatic alignment with kanye anyways?

  15. trees Says:

    ha..yall aggins ack like ya really gonna listen to shyne when he come home smh groupie ass qweggs

  16. mr green Says:

    lol @ random shyne fans…

    & and whoever wrote this article, get off jay and kanye dicks..

  17. khal Says:

    shyne on GOOD music might not be so far fetched. didn’t kanye (or that allday nigga) produce “more or less”?

    i just don’t see it, personally.

  18. IrelandRepresent Says:

    I agree with Dre. Plus I think if he were to sign with Jay, with Jigga and Puff being close, He couldn’t really touch on how he feels about Diddy!

    8 years have just flown in!

    …Time wait for no man

  19. H8 is Over8ed Says:

    I’m still trippin off Shyne being an orthodox Jew now. Guess he gotta link up with Matisyahu now.

  20. Taylavell Says:

    Fuck gettin beats from Just Blaze, Swizz and Cool & Dre.
    I think the best sound for him to be partnered wit would
    be J.U.S.T.I.C.E League. (and the right ‘Ye beats)

  21. thesiz Says:

    both of these dudes are complete retards…

  22. D Says:

    i’m just really glad that after 10 years of being away, people are STILL talkin about Shyne, and had been for years… it says a lot about the dude.

  23. AJ Says:

    yall realized he got humbled in jail right I dont think he comin as hard…

  24. 7th tai Says:

    He aint nothin like them, they are wack, he is not. He is a New York m.c. and does not need to go to michcigan, or california. Go to Jay-z, if your own record label aint work out. Nothing will happen for shyne if he would ever go with g unit shady aftermath. They would try to change his rhyme style and that would never work!

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