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Video: Raekwon’s Still in Toronto

Completely unrelated to The Chef, but you see that Rogers sign in the back? Well, they’re AT&T’s Canadian counterpart and I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to get them back for making my life a living hell this Winter. Considering this isn’t a tech site (sorry for the rant guys,) I didn’t bother bringing up Nah Right as leverage when I was talking to them. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that I do a substantial amount of work from my phone, or that we get circumstantial traffic from Canada. Since they decided to play me like a herb, I’m taking the time to address that here instead of just boycotting them. So, this is simply a very big thank you to Rogers and that I will be bringing this up whenever I get the chance.

Research In Motion should hope that Drake doesn’t freestyle anywhere anytime soon because I’m going for them next.

Previously: Raekwon Vlog From Toronto + OB4CL2 Liner Art

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27 Responses to “Video: Raekwon’s Still in Toronto”


    Shoutout broads that bring drinks when they come to YOUR crib

  2. eskay Says:

    peace to niggas who do drive-bys

  3. Big Homie Says:

    What he meant to say was …

    Beezy Says:
    August 4th, 2009 at 4:53 pm

    shout out to young boys sitting at the top of the block and making rooster noises when they see jake

  4. Geronimo P Says:

    Shout out to my aunt who bought my first cd ever:

    Return to the 36 Chambers

  5. eskay Says:

    shout to projects and black kids

  6. Geronimo P Says:

    Shout out to eskay for not being a prick when we talk shit about him on his blog

  7. herbal kint Says:

    Big_seth aka Waffle Iron$ Says:
    August 4th, 2009 at 4:48 pm
    Shout out to all the niggas who sell weed (and nothing else) knowing that they barely make enough money to get by because they only do it so they can smoke good weed.

    … them dudes ain’t hustling right, there is plenty of money to be made hustling only trees and less money on lawyer fees and fines if you do get bagged …


    ShoutOut my niece, she can use the Potty now & everytime she sees me, she says “i want money”

  9. Premier Says:

    Shout out to Nahright commentators

  10. herbal kint Says:

    speaking of which, shout out to people who don’t hustle right making it easier for those who do

  11. Big Homie Says:

    Shoutout to the DMV, where we pay 4 bucks for a pack of Newports. No shots

  12. Geronimo P Says:

    yo shout out to the motherfucking rastas!


    ShoutOuts, Out, 1.

  14. D_block_4_life Says:

    Shout out to The Escape Route, I’ll be waiting…nh

  15. nation Says:

    shout out to Rogers for taking care of the kid

  16. Beezy Says:

    or that we get circumstantial traffic from Canada.

    ^circumstantial is definitely not the right word here…

    significant would be better

  17. Big_seth aka Waffle Iron$ Says:

    Shout out to the whole Idaho for them delicious potatoes.


  18. GorillaJoe aka Chief Ali Says:

    Shoutout to females who don’t assume you’re cheating while you’re out with the fellas

    Shoutout to females who know how to cook and don’t mind breaking a brother off with some of that good food

    Shoutout to females who can think for themselves and don’t base their lives on everything their pastor tells them

    Shoutout to females with kids that understand if you’re not trying to be a stepdaddy

    Shoutout to cats that actually take care of their kids

  19. RIGZ Says:

    Shout out black man that built pyramids

    word up…what the f–…yo…

  20. Premier Says:

    Shout out to project chicks that let you hit it in the stairway

  21. *MOOKO* Says:

    shout out 2 nick nax on 233st…..peace 2 nucleus on 113th and lennox shout 2 pink bags on 145th and 8th the absolute best nick spots in NYC in the 90’s

  22. Big_seth aka Waffle Iron$ Says:

    Shout out to Mef for shooting that bitch. She burned one of my niggas last time I was in H town.


  23. aabbcc Says:

    fuck. i live in toronto. chef, where you at?

  24. B Says:

    Rogers scews every1, hence the nic Robers.. that said, the alternatives suck and Robers has the best products in Toronto…. sad, eh?

  25. B Says:

    o, and since when is READING a verse freestyle? isnt that supposed to be off the dome?

  26. Peekay Says:

    I LOATHE Rogers

  27. necro the pornking Says:

    Rogers blows donkey dicks…. ARGOS GREY CUPS COMMING HOME BOYOS

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