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Video: Mistah Fab – Hit Me On Twitter

This was the the first song Fabby Davis Jr. put out after his car crash back in February. And of course, an obligatory @nahright_posts plug:

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Do not hit me on there though… I’m coming in for 700%.

Previously: Mistah F.A.B. – Hit Me On Twitter

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19 Responses to “Video: Mistah Fab – Hit Me On Twitter”

  1. 40 Inc Says:

    Me and tha boy A.I. got more in Common than just ballin and rhymin
    Get It?
    More in Carmen
    I came in ya Bentley backseat
    Skeeted in Jeep
    Left condoms in tha baby seat
    Here nigga
    Tha gloves is off
    The love is done
    Its whateva, wheneva, howeva
    Nigga “1”
    And since you infatuated with sayin tha gay shit
    Yes u was kissin my dick when u was kissin that bitch
    Crazy bitch
    You thought I was boning Ranette
    You calling Carm’ a hundred times I was boning her neck
    You got a baby by that broad
    You cant disown her yet
    When does ya lies end?
    When does the truth begin?
    When does reality set it?
    Or does it not matter
    Gotta hurt that I’m ya baby mama’s favorite rapper
    And ask your current girl
    She know whats up
    Holla at a real nigga
    [Nas Voice:]
    I dont give a fuck

    All I really know is that yo hoe wants to be with me
    She aint playin
    Believe what I’m sayin

  2. Apollo Says:

    slaughterhouse album is overrated. the end.

  3. and the winner is.. Says:

    no comment…only when my text message is over its limit will i hit you on twitter..

  4. yaboy Says:

    overrated? smh

  5. 40 Inc Says:


    Alphatcat – Best I Ever Had (Drake’s Best I Ever Had Comedy Spoof) [Parody]

    youtube that LMAO

  6. ant Says:


  7. Apollo Says:

    this dusty nigga mistah fab just hops outta bed, throws on a jacket, then he’s out the door. nigga didnt even brush his teeth. Gun Disease FTW and Oral Hygiene FTL + (ll).

  8. Zion Lion Says:

    illecism>>mistah fab

  9. Rockabye Says:

    Being on Twitter and having zero followers > Singing a song about Twitter

  10. Robbie Says:

    *buried next to integrity in hip hop*

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  12. DICK Says:

    This BLOWS!!! what’s next a song about shopping on eBay. “I just bought you some pannies on eBay” …”Pannies on eBay” I’m going to listen to Hammer’s greatest hits.

  13. LoGiC Says:

    its fagget ass songs like this why hiphop is still taking a shit in the quality area

  14. LoGiC Says:

    hit me on twitter? come the fuck on…really….

  15. LoGiC Says:

    hit me on twitter?? come the fuck on….really….

  16. Daddy-Bariqua Says:

    …And if anyone needed further proof Twitter is completely played out we now have its 1st official theme song by a desperate (C)rapper!

    R.I.P Twitter/Myspace/Auto-tune 2009!

  17. Jack Deezl Says:

    This song totally ripped off “Blame it on the alcohol” Seriously everything sounds the same, I wish more beat makers would try and listen to something other than the last single that was huge to find inspiration.

  18. Zee! Says:

    Fab, inbetween the car crashes and cameos, could you attempt to put out an album?

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