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Video: Black Milk Remembers Baatin

Words from Black Milk on the passing of his friend and colleague Titus “Baatin” Glover of Slum Village…

Baatin was the first to discover Black’s production talent nearly a decade ago, and they’d been tight ever since. On July 20–less than two weeks before Baatin’s death–the reunited Slum Village filmed a video for a new track from their forthcoming album “Slum Manifesto.” Black Milk Broadcast reveals some exclusive footage from the video shoot.

Titus Glover

R.I.P. Baatin

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12 Responses to “Video: Black Milk Remembers Baatin”

  1. Woodrow The Basehead Says:

    that ENTIRE argument sounds idiotic. So because Jay has a good business accumen then he’s a corporate camel?! Smarten the fuck up. You sound like a Nas stan who loses arguments in real life so you test your theories on the net. This nigga brings all his people up with him, cuts dead weight like Dame and you still crying cause he’s not hood enough for you and his wife is gorgeous, while your wet dream gets shitted on in an LA courtroom for his monthly earnings…….AND he helped Ghost put together one of the better albums of his career while he was pres at def jam

    1 – nothing to do with good business acumen, its just that money is everything to him thats all, which is fair enough but it makes for boring music.

    2 – Im not a massive Nas stan but hes realer than Jay, not in terms of the hood but in terms of hes not afraid to fail.

    3 – When did i say that hes not hood enough? i said hes not hip-hop enough because for him money comes above the artform, people like you be obsessed with the hood.

    4 – Nas aint my wet dream, seriously B and look at how happy you are that his wife fucked him over, and Beyonce is nice yeh of course

    5 – Jay Z wont ever take credit for Fishscale fuck that? why cos he was CEO at the time, now i am a serious Ghost stan so fuck that thought, where was Jay when Tony made SC???

  2. herbal kint Says:

    *can’t keep up with all the changing posts*

    *decides to actually do work*

    *sarcastically thanks nation*

  3. Brooklyn Strong Says:

    Nation is a speed poster unless of course it’s Drake

  4. KzA Says:

    Monch on that hook is damn NAILS ON A CHALKBOARD. That song is instant skip.

  5. Geronimo P Says:

    Jay Z wont ever take credit for Fishscale fuck that? why cos he was CEO at the time, now i am a serious Ghost stan so fuck that thought, where was Jay when Tony made SC???

    ^Speaking of which… I just repurchased my 4th copy of SC from amazon yesterday. They got that shit on sale for $9. Its a damn shame that I purchased this shit 4 times. I scratched one up and the other two have vanished…

  6. Taster's Choice [||] Says:




  7. Big Homie Says:

    Slow down Nation, you are moving too fast for me


    YO fuck is up with this website? How do I see a link to a Young Dro (who?) mixtape, but I can’t get that new Nipsey Hussle? Get your priorites str8 nah

  9. smog Says:

    its so good to see that SV got a chance to do some good work and have some good times recently lol at t3 and elzhi in a suit but baatin actually looks like he belongs in a suit
    thanks for sharin black
    rip baatin

  10. bfondatrack Says:

    r.i.p baatin

  11. Demerara-J Says:

    Here is a link for the Baatin/Black Milk 12″ that he references in the video…


  12. Nah Right » Black Milk - In The A.M. Says:

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