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Young Chris – Superflyness [NoDJ]


Off Chris’ The Network mixtape.

Young Chris – Superflyness [NoDJ]

Shouts to BoBO.

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6 Responses to “Young Chris – Superflyness [NoDJ]”

  1. ironduke Says:

    theres residue all over the blog
    this is disgusting

  2. sean coonery Says:

    I couldn’t see Nick Cannon every doing anything to Eminem. Like beating him up.

    Nick Cannon looks like the most non-threatening, non-violent and soft corny ass dude.

  3. yaboy Says:

    read somewhere he’s all karate kidded up

  4. yaboy Says:

    not that means that he’s unfuckwittable by any means though..

    some dudes take karate and shit cause they lack that inner aggression to actually do something.. like they need some sort of confidence boost

  5. eboc Says:

    very slept on

  6. Da Says:

    this beat sucks ass.

    and yea, this ad take over on the site is gross

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