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Copywrite ft. Sean Price – Pick-Up Stix

New P! feature off Copywrite’s upcoming EP Ultrasound: The Rebirth, due out in October.

Copywrite ft. Sean Price – Pick-Up Stix

Props to Shake

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9 Responses to “Copywrite ft. Sean Price – Pick-Up Stix”

  1. Black Says:

    Meek can rhyme though all jokes aside. TI should put him out instead of that wack nigga Yung LA or whatever the fuck dude name is.

  2. Apollo Says:

    smh @ sean price rockin comic book superhero gear. surprised nobody duffed him. es get ya boy


    anybody got a link for that new tony yayo wit the ill beat sample. I think its momma or some shit like that..

  4. The Shot Clock aka Guns is me Says:

    lol, that meek mill post was about to get ugly.

    eskay, the side banner with the pubes and raining dingleberries is just wrong, b.

  5. Mike Says:

    Copywrite is nicee.

  6. whatshood Says:

    ya cwrite is one of the illest out there ever

  7. RJ Says:

    Ya’ll need to post that new Yak Ballz.

  8. NYHC81 Says:

    Copy & P, this shit is hot.

  9. Jet Li Says:


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