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Video: Lupe Fiasco – The Cool + Hip Hop Saved My Life (Live in St. Louis)

These are easily two of his best songs. The crowd saying “The Cooooool” at the beginning is classic. Hit the jump if you wanna see more footage from the show. Props to The LupE.N.D. blog.

Previously: Lupe Fiasco – This Is For My Niggas (No DJ) | Lupe Fiasco – LASERS Trailer (Short Version) (Video)

Part 1:

Part 2 – Hello Goodbye:

Part 3 – The Cool + Hip Hop Saved My Life (same video as above)

Part 4 – Go Go Gadget Flow

Part 5: Streets on Fire >

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3 Responses to “Video: Lupe Fiasco – The Cool + Hip Hop Saved My Life (Live in St. Louis)”

  1. Woodrow The Basehead Says:

    “We’re not equal. That’s coming from me ni**a. I was here first.”

  2. Ghost Writer Says:


  3. GMZ Says:

    # 911 Says:
    August 2nd, 2009 at 11:09 am

    Jay is nasty. Funny to me how Ghost tried so hard not to name Jay in his top 5.

    >Its not possible that jay isn’t in his top five? jay isn’t in a lot of peoples top five. having a different opinion is akin to terrorism.


    Word. I hear you. It’s not even that having a different opinion is wild crazy, but me being biased, like any other hip hop fan, I can’t understand how anyone doesn’t agree with me when it comes to the nicest MCs of all time…dead and alive.

    Then comes the question, what makes a nice emcee? IMO, I’m thinking total package, delivery, lyrics, beat selection and thats mostly all I can think of right now. I can’t include sales. That shit don’t matter to me.

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