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Young Buck – We Goin Shoppin


Buck flowing over beats like these sounds as good, if not better, than most his stuff from the G-Unit days.

Young Buck – We Goin Shoppin

Props to X

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7 Responses to “Young Buck – We Goin Shoppin”

  1. nation Says:

    before you say anything, check the frontpage


    That Young Buck – Rock N roll, goes hard. im still bumpin that

  3. BigDaddyKane Says:

    This is nowhere near anything on his first album or the worst of his second… YOU BUGGIN!!

  4. Domino F Says:

    too lil too late

  5. 80sbabykp Says:

    this shit is trash.

  6. B.A. Says:

    The beat is produced by CRADA! who did the Get That Paper joint by D-Block!

  7. kintell Says:

    buck stop playing nigga….you aint going shopping!

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