GLC feat. Cold Hard – A Gangstaz Nature (prod. K-Salaam & Beatnick)

GLC + Cold Hard in front of the Mosque Maryam

GLC and Crucial Conflict’s Cold Hard hook up for a track from GLC’s upcoming mixtape, Respect My Come Up, hosted by the one and only Iron Mike Tyson. GL recorded this banger while Cold Hard was in Atlanta a few weeks ago…and what we have is the follow up to their first collabo “I Tried“. Respect My Come Up will be dropping in the very near future and it’s shaping up very nicely.

GLC feat. Cold Hard (of Crucial Conflict) – A Gangstaz Nature

Props to Andrew

UPDATE: This was produced by K-Salaam & Beatnick.

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112 Responses to “GLC feat. Cold Hard – A Gangstaz Nature (prod. K-Salaam & Beatnick)”

  1. herbal kint Says:

    NovemberEnd aka Respect The Architect Never Test The Elohim Says:
    July 31st, 2009 at 3:40 pm
    Budden still throw rocks at Meth?

    …he told Meth there was a Meth diss on the album and it was too late to change…

  2. Big Homie Says:

    this Slaughterhouse shit sucks…i shouldnt even have downloaded

    ^ lol…you’re quick


    Isn’t Joel Ortiz the same cat who made that Bang Bang Boogie track?
    If so…


  4. Dan. Says:

    Yup, he’s kinda out his element but I think for right now, I mean he was signed to Aftermath and they dropped his so this group was a blessing in my opinion, I was more of a Joell fan before the group but i respect what they doing

    … word I was a big Ortiz fan (none) before slaughter, and he started out with some dope verses, but he has been lacking something crazy as of late …


    Point blank, he can’t keep up with Crook and Royce. They’re owning this shit right now.

  5. Ghost Writer Says:

    I wanna hear Joe88, Rigz, Woodro, and JimmyV on a track together….all diferent styles and sounds…would be interesting

  6. I Fux Says:

    Ortiz fell the fuck off. I knew Dre didnt see that inner star in him and just dropped his ass.

    and i want him to be dope but Ortiz is just a PRETTY GOOD mc and nothing wrong with that

  7. Brooklyn Strong Says:

    *waiting to cop Slaughterhouse from the store or itunes*

  8. D_block_4_life Says:

    bury niggas with words, a cemetery linguist

  9. RIGZ Says:

    Crook and Royce. They’re owning this shit right now.


    It was inevitable, especially if the majority of the LP ISNT concept driven

  10. NovemberEnd aka Respect The Architect Never Test The Elohim Says:

    SH Album

    Lyrics B+
    Production B
    Songs C-

    Overall B- (kinda generous)

    album was …meh… didnt have any sort of vibe to it

  11. Barbecue Tee Says:

    She can be Halle Berry, Halle Berry and I’m still bouncin

    ^^ too funny.
    ya’ll got the game twisted, avoiding the altar like swine flu

  12. FOOL’S GOLD » Blog Archive » Rappin Ass Thursdays #10 Says:

    […] GLC feat Cold Hard “A Gangsta’s Nature” [mp3] Talk about a guest star with a name to define the whole song. The Gangsta L Crisis streak continues. Not mad at his sangin neither! (I sense a segue coming…) […]

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