Video: Buckshot x Jabari – #ArtistAdvice

In this installment Buckshot shares his #ArtistAdvice on giving a great stage show and challenges newer artists to not be afraid of being themselves. The stage is your opportunity to win people over and get people to believe in your music. With so many acts out there now, it is the ability to give a great live show that separates the good from the great. Buckshot shares a lot of information about perfecting your stage show and how important it is to do more than just walk across the stage rapping into the mic. Share your own advice using the #ArtistAdvice hashtag on twitter.

Props to Jabari

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  1. Taster's Choice [||] Says:

    Taste the Difference [||]

  2. Taster's Choice [||] Says:

    Don’t taste me, bro. (c) nate

  3. Taster's Choice [||] Says:

    kanye fucking murdered jigga on “run this town” — it’s done. yeezy has overtaken camel. i don’t think it’s credible any more to say that yeezy isn’t one of the greatest lyricists doing it.

  4. I Fux Says:

    OC got alot of white woman in thier 30-40’s looking mad young and tasty.

    Aram lost!

    *daps chea* [||]

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