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The NiceGuys – The Pre Show (Album Sampler)


Every grand spectacle has an opening act, every summer blockbuster has coming attractions, and every show has its pre show. Today The Niceguys present you with their album Sampler, The Pre Show, which is a pre-cursor for their big tent event, The Show, scheduled to drop this fall. They are still in the kitchen cooking, but no one minds a sample of the main course, so feel free to let the palette enjoy this NiceGuys platter and stay tuned for more NiceGuy related media in the upcoming weeks.

Hit the jump for track list + download link, along with another video from Evesborough Films which features BMX Star Nigel Sylvester and The Niceguys at the Freestyle Experience in Houston, which also doubled as a release party for The Pre Show.

1. Its Like That
2. Life In Style
3. Move A Mountain
4. Members Only (Snippet)
5. Bring It Back (Snippet)

Download: The NiceGuys – The Pre Show

Shouts to Eighty’s Baby

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4 Responses to “The NiceGuys – The Pre Show (Album Sampler)”

  1. Taster's Choice [||] Says:


  2. Mr. Lehmee put my P in your V, please? Says:

    Jay’s verse on the low was pretty dope…the first run through i was like ehhhh…but now his shit is more quotable than Ye’s to me

  3. Bill Hu$tle Says:

    what was the answer to the question btw?

  4. Stand Out FT Says:

    Dope post.

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