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QuESt – Broken Headphones (Mixtape)


HipHopDX, 2dopeboyz & illRoots present QuESt’s Broken Headphones.

Hit the jump for the track list + download link.


Download: HipHopDX, 2DopeBoyz & illRoots present QuESt – Broken Headphones | Mediafire

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14 Responses to “QuESt – Broken Headphones (Mixtape)”

  1. Beezy aka Runs Like Kenya, Diamonds Like Mozambique Says:

    Wes Restless

  2. Big Homie Says:

    On the music side, Graham recently signed with Lil Wayne’s record company Young Money Entertainment.

    ^I initially thought that would be considered a shot but it def would of been if they called him Aubrey

  3. I Fux Says:

    literally broken head phones if you download this shit and listen

    *eats MP3’s for brunch*

  4. herbal kint Says:

    Dem Says:
    July 29th, 2009 at 4:00 pm
    I saw the HBO preview of this and i’m sold, this shit should be funny.

    Plus im thinking pockets = Aziz.


    I saw the shit on comedy central about the show, it was hilarious and he probably is pockets I can’t believe I didn’t think make that connection


    Got that direct depost comin in tonight. I’m makin a call to my dealer at 12:01 AM on the dot. smokin goodie 2night, no glaucoma

  6. JDS Says:

    Where the fuck is Flying Daggers yo?

  7. GorillaJoe aka Chief Ali Says:

    Late afternoon gas while at work>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


    NahRight > allhiphop > worldstar > hiphopdx

  9. Lexx Says:

    Glad to see U finally posted some QuESt!!
    This is a great album!!

  10. Ayolex Says:

    If anyone wants to DOWNLOAD any of QuESt’a previous albums go to http://www.myspace.com/questfanpage. Just click on the Broken Headphones, Distance Travels Into Soul Theory, The Reinforcements and Where’s My Rhymebook pictures on the left and it will direct you to the site for download. :] ENJOY

  11. junclassic Says:

    how come majority of nahright comments NEVER deal wit the topic at HAND?

    Im downloading the QuESt joint now…

  12. rard Says:

    please someone tell me the name of the original song used for track 13, a little more time .

  13. thas crazi Says:

    “broken headphones bout to cop all hype, even if it gets ignored by nah right”

    -“i will” -Quest

  14. lance305 Says:

    “broken headphones bout to cop all hype, even if it gets ignored by nah right”

    -”i will” -Quest

    HAAAA his music finally made it to nah right lol…but for real tho quet is sick. im glad miami finally has a rapper thats talkin about somethin different. I love my city and the rappers in it(trick, rick ross, brisco, etc) but we needed some diversity in the music…

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