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Video: Jay Sean feat. Lil Wayne – Down

I don’t know what this is, but it features Lil Wayne and you guys like that. Just to clear this up, this song was produced by J-Remy & Bobby Bass, not Drumma Boy. There’s a sound in it that sounds like his drop though…

Previously: Jay Sean ft. Lil Wayne – Down

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17 Responses to “Video: Jay Sean feat. Lil Wayne – Down”

  1. Apollo Says:

    Hebrew was, is, and will always be the future. To all, never forget that our story was written from the end, but we start off in the beginning. Ponder that, and I pray you all will make it to see the end of your tale come to a close.

    Until next time…


  2. Don't tase me, bro! Says:

    Hebrew was, is, and will always be the future


    um ok broffle

  3. nation Says:

    >> Until next time…

    the next Cash Money post?

  4. sol fraze Says:

    smh @ the NDN Chris Brown

  5. KCNHO Says:


  6. Luckz Says:

    the rnb version of Belly, buying artists to make his shit tracks shit ft. wayne

  7. nyullga Says:

    like, i thought the song was shit when i HEARD it…but now that I see both these motherfuckers doing it, I just…kinda…wanna…slit my wrists?

  8. YOOOOOO Says:

    Slumdog, Jay Sean…

    Brown people takin over.

  9. YOOOOOO Says:

    Slumdog, Jay Sean…

    Brown people takin over.

  10. Farts In A Jar Says:

    Paki’s and coons.. Get fucked

  11. stotle Says:

    im down like the economy yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    smh @ lil wayne’s facial expressions in this video…looks more like a gremlin than ever. i was with two chicks a couple nights ago they were both about 18 and saying that lil wayne was “hot” and “sexy” apparently because of his “swagger” i don’t see any of it no homo.

    that being said lil wayne is still the ish

  12. Nor*Cal Says:

    Damn a check really is a check…SMH

  13. RJ Says:

    Why does nation post so much bullshit? eskay, please get this dude the fuck off this site

  14. dsajkldjkas Says:

    yall wanna hate, but this track is now #6 on iTunes Music!

    Desis doin big things!!

  15. doc Says:

    why is he rocking that “communist” tee? now that his buzz is going away guess he has to do something else to garner some attention. For some reason I don’t see this whole Drake/Young Money thing working out. Can’t have wheelchair Jimmy putting out all this mysoginist music to build up for his album haha

  16. V+ Says:

    A little late but thanks for puttin it up. This guy used to be sick when he was in the UK.

  17. marry Says:

    i LOVE jay sean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (L) (L) (L)

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