Video: Swizz Beatz x Drag-On – Ms. Drama Interviews

Swizz talks about bringing the Ruff Ryders together, Jadakiss being high maintenance, and why he’s not a fan of D.O.A. He also talks about falling back from a solo career and his new upcoming projects with Whitney Huston, Alejandro Sanz, Drake, and Lil Wayne.

Drag-On’s interview after the jump.

Drag-On talks about his album coming out September 28th, his acting career and why some rappers should not be acting, working with the Ruff Ryders, why he likes Drake and why some rappers should look into retiring.

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3 Responses to “Video: Swizz Beatz x Drag-On – Ms. Drama Interviews”

  1. dominica Says:

    I guess these media fucks are gonna ask every rapper about Drake.
    Most people career would be over after that Funk Flex fiasco, reading
    off of a blackberry then get lost cuz he didn’t have enough rhymes saved
    Imagine if Wayne did that shit. These fucks would go ill

  2. Why ask me??? Says:

    Epic Fail of the Day Drake funk flex fiasco ,swiss beats ( neva really cared 4 his music) Lil wayne on that slave verse( hey wayne heres an idea how bout you go actually write something suspenseful and dont come back till some thhing dope hits you…jay-z for kanye killing you on ya own shit..women biting off amber rose SOLANGE!!!!get a mind of ya own (still like some ya music tho. the Games bi-polar ass Damn homie i used to liike ya but you are all ova the place and you aint been right since u shitted on ya brother!!!!!And last but not least Rappers who retire come back as a preacher..gangsta ,preacher and now a has been 90’s rapper its over dude really its ova..jus cuz u jumped on drakes nuts ya shit is still wack!!!!!!

    Shouts out to: Slaughter house,Emc, and all the cats that really have talent
    but dont get played…from all ova da world peace!!!

  3. mark Says:

    Swine flu is currently a media celebrity,though quickly losing steam.

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