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Video: Dukwon ft. Killer Mike – Polo

Related: Dallas Penn eulogizes Boostin Billy, one of the dudes who is the reason you wear Polo today.

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14 Responses to “Video: Dukwon ft. Killer Mike – Polo”



  2. FaMs! Says:

    Wale doesn’t realize he’s a hipster/hypebeast’s punchline…MIXTAPE ABOUT NOTHING was an ongoing inside joke at Hip-Hop


    Lol, Wale needs to produce the ZUNE.

  4. The Shot Clock aka Guns is me Says:

    That’s where you’re wrong, next time you’re applying for a job, apartment, or college and your interviewer doesn’t see you they see Gucci the rapper their son or daughter blasts at full volume and embarrasses them then talk to me a bout music

    Next time you try to explain yourself to a cop or security figure and he doesn’t respect you cause he’s building up the courage inside to confront “Gucci” not the educated man you are then talk to me about music.

    GUCCI is a fucking NIGGER!


    ignorance…so you wanna censor our artists to make white people feel more comfortable..

    i bet u scared to eat watermelon in public, huh?


    Ahh, look at Killer Mike jockin’ my steeze.

    I Been Had Polo!! >=[

  6. Seth Gueko Says:

    why Polo iz always the favorite clothing subject in rap ?
    i know these clothes are dope but just imagine if ralph lauren was black

  7. getright Says:

    this video makes me want to burn my los


    Where are the Lo-Lifes! Shameful.

  9. boi-dan Says:

    Does Polo come in Killer Mike size??? Let’s not forget how FUBU held down the big and tall crowd.

  10. MackMusty Says:

    Boositn Billy is turnin over in his grave

  11. Dingus Says:

    I was hoping it would be Dukie from the wire.

  12. ZAUL ZAN Says:

    They are not even in an authorized polo department store?

  13. ZAUL ZAN Says:

    Those are the brand new lo-pieces. This guy has been rocking lo since 2008 and now he a lo-head. Show some stadium crests please.

  14. iamyourproducer Says:

    Sean Nyce on the Beat!

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