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UNDRCRWN’s M.V.Penny T-Shirt


“I’ma stay winnin rock the custom drop Bentleys, Never eat at Denny’s and party like Lil Penny – can he live?”

The Air Penny II might have dropped today, but UNDRCRWN wanted to take a moment to honor a different 90’s icon. Long before there were ever Kobe & Lebron muppets- There was one very famous NBA party crasher. To honor this very memorable sneaker release, UNDRCRWN pays homage to basketball’s most iconic marionette alongside one of Brooklyn’s finest.

(If you didn’t already know this, Look up the lyrics to “Can I Live” “Who Ya Wit II” and the back of the shirt will make sense!)

The tee is available in black, white, grey heather and royal blue- and will be sold in a very limited run. For purchasing info- please head over to UNDRCRWN.

Click to enlarge the tee’s details:


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9 Responses to “UNDRCRWN’s M.V.Penny T-Shirt”


    Lol, Young Vito.

  2. kevfallopian tube paratoopa w/velcro O lottos on/def-fervescent launcher Says:

    this shirt is DOPENESS.

    this will go perfect w/my 1/2 cents. wow.

  3. Seth Gueko Says:

    As we enter come mek we tek you on di biggest adventure,
    Must be dementia that you ever thought you could touch our
    Whats the initials,
    You be jamrock the lyrical official send out di yarda, laws
    and di rituals
    Burn candles, say prayers, paint heros (?), it is truth we big
    news, we hood heros
    Bruk past di anchor (?), we come to conquer, man a badman we nah play willy wonka
    And I got the guns, I got the ganja, and we could blaze it up on ya block if you wanna, or, haze it up stash box in a hummer, or, you could run up and get done up or, get somethin that you want none of, and limited amount you collect from us, direct from us, street intellectuals, and im shrewd about decimals, and my man can speak patois, and I can speak rap star, yall feel me even if its in swahili,
    a body ghani (ghana?) a tutunana (lol?) switch up the language and move to ghana, solute and honor, real revolution rhymers, rhythm piranhas, like true Obamas, im full of dramas.

  4. FaMs! Says:

    Sara Jay fucked Darren James….beat if you want.

    * makes smh go right ahead I’m not face*

  5. B.Payton Says:

    That shirt look wack. I peeped it on PYS. They havent made a decent lookin shirt since that Biggie tee they had that looked like the vintage joints of barkley and MJ. Have some better integrity. It look like a 5th grader drew Jay and penny on that.

  6. prophecy_projectz Says:

    I co-sign anything to do with Penny Hardaway, but damn this is kinda weak.

    94-97 Penny>>>>>>

  7. MackMusty Says:

    Word Lil Penny lookin like a young Alfonso Ribeiro on this shirt, Jay looking like a Minstrel show character with them lips …SMH

  8. RealRecReal Says:

    This shirt is borderline “worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life”. Looks like knock off of a real shirt.

  9. DJRetroJeff Says:

    Copped those Atlantic Pennys on Sat, but yeah undrcwn didn’t come hard enough [II] with the tee.

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